Are wide tooth combs good for hair?

Are wide tooth combs good for hair?

Wide tooth combs, as hinted at by their name, have thicker teeth to allow larger amounts of hair through. This should be a preferred choice for those with thick, curly, or tangled hair. If you’re coming out of the shower or your hair is otherwise damp or wet, a wide tooth comb is the only way to go.

Who should use a wide tooth comb?

Wide tooth combs are designed for people with large amounts of hair, with the spacing between the teeth allowing that hair to easily flow through. If you have thick, curly, or tangled hair, this should be your main comb of choice.

Is a pick or wide tooth comb better?

The best combs for natural hair are wide-toothed combs. This kind of combs has enough space between the rows to allow for hair to glide through easily, without breaking off the ends. Wide-tooth combs do a great job of detangling knots, tangles, and separating hair while minimizing excess breakage.

Do wide tooth combs help with frizz?

So in order to prevent your curly hair going frizzy, you need to comb it when wet with conditioner. Apply some conditioner and comb your hair with a wide tooth comb immediately. The conditioner will help to soften your locks and combing it immediately will prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

What’s a wide tooth comb?

A wide-tooth comb is a type of comb that has large spacing between the teeth of the comb. Most people mistake a wide-tooth comb for the teeth itself being wide, however, that is not referred to as a wide-tooth comb, although some wide tooth combs have teeth that are bigger in size apart from a large spacing.

Should you use a wide tooth comb in the shower?

During your shower, consider using a wide-toothed comb to work the conditioner through your strands. To minimize damage, Norton suggests using a comb to work out tangles from the bottom, working your way up to the roots. Bottom line: Use a brush only on dry hair and a wide-toothed comb on wet hair.

What is considered a wide tooth comb?

A wide toothed comb has prongs which are spaced farther apart. A wide toothed comb is a type of comb designed with the “teeth,” or the prongs that actually comb the hair, spaced far apart. Wide toothed combs are popular options for people with hair that tangles easily or is too thick for fine toothed combs.

Is a wide tooth comb better for detangling?

There are quite a few tool options for detangling. One of the more common is a wide-tooth comb. While wide tooth combs are effective at removing knots, a better solution, particularly for coily hair, is a detangling brush.

Is a wide tooth comb better than a wet brush?

While there is no completely damage-free way to brush wet hair (anytime you’re tearing through wet hair, you’re risking breakage), if you have to choose one or the other, choose a comb, but make sure it’s wide-toothed. If the teeth are wide enough apart, then it doesn’t tug on the hair as much.

Can you brush wet hair with a wide tooth comb?

The best time to brush your hair is when it is almost or completely dry. But if you have tangles after washing it or after a swim, you can use a wide-tooth comb on your wet hair to restore order but make sure it has smooth tooth ends so you don’t irritate your scalp. Try the Scunci de-tangling comb.

Should I use wet brush or wide tooth comb?