Are white terriers friendly?

Are white terriers friendly?

They possess affectionate, friendly and happy natures, and their lighthearted, amusing antics have won many an owner’s heart. West Highland white terriers are very quick to bark at every new sight or sound, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

Is a Westie a good family dog?

Westies are wonderful family pets. They get along well with cats and other dogs, and they are social butterflies that love being around people. But because of their hunting instincts, young children might not be a great fit for the easily excitable Westie.

How much is a white terrier?

$800-$1,700 The average price of a Westie puppy from a breeder is about $1,000. Of course, this will differ depending on the breeder’s experience level and the dog’s pedigree. If the puppy has already received their first vaccinations and other vet care, the price will often be somewhat higher.

Are white terriers smart?

It is a medium-sized terrier, although with longer legs than other Scottish breeds of terrier. It has a white double coat of fur which fills out the dog’s face, giving it a rounded appearance. The breed is intelligent, quick to learn, and can be good with children, but does not always tolerate rough handling.

Are West Highland White Terrier hypoallergenic?

YesWest Highland White Terrier / Hypoallergenic

Are all Westie dogs white?

The American Kennel Club describes a standard Westie coat as “two inches long, white in color, hard, with plenty of soft undercoat.” If your dog does not meet similar standards, you may consider probiotics and other supplements to keep them (and their coat) in the best health possible.

Do Westies bite?

5) Generally, westies are not dogs for children. They are not patient, they must not be hurt or stressed because they will protect themselves and can bite. So, do not let children stay with your westie unsupervised.

What are the pros and cons of a West Highland white terrier?

Here are some facts about owning or adopting West Highland White Terrier and Pros and Cons of West Highland White Terrier West Highland White Terrier dogs are smart at average level but they are really great in terms of easy training. West Highland White Terriers are very healthy dog breed. They dont get sick or ill easily.

What kind of dog is a white terrier?

The West Highland White Terrier, commonly known as the Westie, is a breed of dog from Scotland with a distinctive white harsh coat with a somewhat soft white undercoat. It is a medium-sized terrier, although with longer legs than other Scottish breeds of terrier.

Do Terriers have trouble with other dogs?

A terrier is a natural chaser and may have difficulty learning to live with other pets in the house, especially if the terrier is not socialized as a puppy. They may also be so absorbed in the chase they don’t listen to commands or may even run into traffic areas without paying attention, often with tragic results.

What kind of health problems do Terriers have?

Some lines of terriers have problems with allergies, Von Willebrand’s disease (a hemophilia type blood disorder), and some difficulties with giving birth, but careful screening by breeders can eliminate almost all of the conditions. Generally terriers are a long-lived group of dogs often living for twelve to fifteen years.