Are VForce reeds good?

Are VForce reeds good?

Ok the v force reed valve system is most def. worth the money. It improves the amount a power a little but def improves the crispness of the throttle.

What do V-Force 3 Reeds do?

Moto Tassinari’s V-Force 3 reed valve system features a patent pending reed tip shape that accelerates the air mixture over the reed tips for even more airflow and horsepower.

What do v force 4 reeds do?

The VForce4 reed cage design boasts an airfoil shape at the reed tip area to boost air velocity from the outer ports – it uses a reed petal resin system, carbon fibre and lay-up on updated pre-curved reed petals. The benefit of the pre-curved reed petal is better sealing at the tip area.

What is AV force?

V Force was a reconnaissance, intelligence-gathering and guerrilla organisation established by the British against Japanese forces during the Burma Campaign in World War II.

Do Boyesen reeds make a difference?

Boyesen Power Reeds will give you a little more low end snap and throttle response. But your bike has basically the exact same engine as the 94 YZ250 – one of the most legendary/fabled 250 engines of all time.

What is the difference between vforce and vforce3 reed valves?

While a VForce reed valve system offers increased bottom end, stronger mid-range and longer top-end, it also allows more airflow which means more horsepower. The VForce3 also incorporates a completely screw free design eliminating any worries of loose screws, or worse engine damage caused by a screw going through your engine.

What is the difference between the vforce3i and vforce4ri?

The VForce3i models include a custom intake manifold boot that offers a straighter shot to the intake that greatly enhances both airflow and performance. The VForce3i was only available for select minis and has been replaced by the all-new VForce4Ri.

What are the benefits of a reed valve?

This has two major benefits: 1) The reed petals only travel half the distance as a conventional reed valve design to get the same airflow.