Are Titleist Vokey wedges worth it?

Are Titleist Vokey wedges worth it?

Developed by the gifted hands of Bob Vokey and with input from Titleist tour staff, the variety of grinds and lofts allows golfers to dial in the SM8 wedges that will best benefit their game. And for those who enjoy a little personalized flair, or desire customization, Wedgeworks is worth the experience.

Are Vokey SM5 wedges forged?

That’s why it’s best to be fit by a professional. The SM5’s are cast from 8620 carbon steel, which isn’t a problem unless you’re a forged wedge snob. Bottom Line: The SM5’s will appeal to the majority of golfers no matter what they seek from a new wedge.

When did the Titleist Vokey SM5 come out?

14 March 2014
Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedge – Product Details

UK Launch 14 March 2014
USA Launch 14 March 2014
Handicap Range Low ‌‌‌‌ High
Golfer Mens
Hand Availability Left, Right

Are Vokey wedges milled or forged?

All of our wedges are Spin Milled.

When did Titleist Vokey wedges come out?

The first Vokey Design wedge went into play at the 1997 St. Jude Classic in Memphis, Tennessee and since then, Vokey Design wedges have become the most trusted and sought after wedges the game of golf has ever known. The video above tells the story of a master craftsman. It tells the story of Bob Vokey.

When did Vokey SM6 come out?

Vokey Design SM6 wedges will be available in golf shops beginning March 11.

What is the difference between SM5 and SM6 wedges?

The SM5 boasts a fantastic feel, and the SM6 is similar, but slightly more solid. It seems to have a deeper, richer feel to it. A pleasure to hit. Moving the CG to the optimal position makes a huge difference in regards to consistency.

Are Cleveland wedges forged?

Every wedge is Precision Forged from 1025 carbon steel for incredibly soft, solid feel and the highest level of manufacturing consistency for supreme confidence and trust over every shot. Tour Zip Grooves™ and Laser Milled™ technology maximize spin in accordance with USGA regulations.

What is grind on a Cleveland wedge?

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