Are Old Town kayaks good?

Are Old Town kayaks good?

It is a good sturdy kayak and has great stability. I suggest ordering the deck hatch for a better storage option. I’ve found this hatch cover makes the deck storage a great cooler! This kayak is 2nd to none in overall comfort and room and offers lots of storage for carrying extras.

Who makes the Otter kayak?

Old Town Canoe
The Otter kayak is a kayak brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Read Otter kayak reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community.

Is a tandem kayak worth it?

Two Single Kayaks (Which is Better?) While a tandem kayak is not necessarily better than two single kayaks and vice versa, both have their advantages over the other. It will be less expensive to purchase a singular tandem kayak, and they are also much more stable than their singular counterparts.

Does Old Town still make Otter kayak?

You will no longer find Old Town Otter kayaks at outdoor stores since the model was discontinued by the manufacturer.

What is an Otter kayak?

The Otter is one of the smaller recreational kayaks out there, but with a cockpit that is slightly oversized when compared to other similar boats and the length and width of the boat is more than enough for all but the tallest of paddlers.

Why buy a tandem kayak from Old Town?

Old Town’s tandem kayak options are built from reliable, and well-crafted from quality materials. Whether you’re heading out with a friend, having a day of casual paddling, or going out for a long touring adventure, you’ll find the perfect tandem kayak here. You’ll also find unique features.

What kind of kayak does Old Town otter use?

Old Town Otter Kayak for sale. 9 ft gray kayak used in lakes and rivers. Normal wear and tear on bottom of kayak. Includes an Aqua bound Seaquel paddle 230 cm. I’m willing to sell the paddle and/or kayak separately.

What size Otter kayak do I Need?

An Old Town Otter is ideal – 10 feet long and less than 40 pounds. If you have one for sale you really otter contact me. I’m looking for an economical and lightweight quality kayak. An Old Town Otter is ideal – 10 feet long and less than 40 pounds.

How long is a 10’Otter kayak?

This kayak is 9.5 feet long. It is a sit in kayak. Has been kept inside. Perfect kayak for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. $400 firm. Kayak – 10′ Old Town Guide, Otter XTSit In StyleSee Pictures – North TomballGood ConditionSerious Calls OnlyContact Diane @