Are factor bikes worth it?

Are factor bikes worth it?

The Factor O2 is a great ride too, justifying its premium price tag. I was particularly impressed with its handling on fast downhill runs, when its straight line handling was right at the top end of bikes I’ve ridden, holding a line and maintaining stability when other bikes often become twitchy.

What is bottom bracket factor O2?

BBright bottom bracket shells
The FACTOR O2, O2 VAM, ONE, LS, ViSTA, SLICK bikes use BBright bottom bracket shells. The bottom bracket shell is 79mm wide, with a 46mm diameter bore to accept PF30 style bearing cups.

Is Factor O2 an endurance bike?

The Factor O2 is unquestionably a race bike, not an endurance platform. It’s comfortable for the level of bleeding-edge race performance it possesses.

How much is a factor Ostro?

Factor is marketing its new Ostro, with a SRAM Red AXS build, at $10,099 (£9,250), while the SRAM AXS Force kit version retails for $8,199 (£7,850).

Where are factor bikes made?

Xiamen, China
‘Our frames are made in our factory in Xiamen, China, 259km from here. In Taiwan we do the research and design, testing, sanding, paint and assembly, but Xiamen is where our factory makes our raw product. ‘

What weight is the factor Ostro VAM?

Lightweight and aero The OSTRO VAM is an aero disc-brake frame which weighs just 780g (painted, size 54, Flicker design).

What is VAM bike?

VAM stands for ‘velocità ascensionale media’ or, in English, ‘average climbing speed’. VAM is a measurement of your climbing rate expressed as how many vertical meters you will climb in one hour.

Is Factor bike good brand?

Factor Bike Review It is exceptionally fast, super lightweight, and incredibly comfortable. It is born to win mountaineering, sprints, and cobbled classics. All in all, it is the supreme all-rounder since it doesn’t compromise.

What does Baden Cooke do now?

The Australian rider, who retired in 2013 and is now a co-owner of Factor bikes, is a competitor on ‘Team Brains’.

Is Factor Ostro a good bike?

The Factor Ostro VAM frameset is a brilliant way to start a custom build. Its stiffness and geometry result in a bike that is super fast, tracks through high-speed corners beautifully and is comfortable enough for long training days. Yes, it is expensive, but this is one of the best race bikes out there.

What is the wheelbase of the factor O2?

Keeping in mind that the Factor O2 is a real race bike, we weren’t surprised to find a short 98.9cm wheelbase with 40.5cm-long chainstays. The obvious result of those numbers was a bike that turned quickly enough but also had an aggravating amount of toe overlap, which made track stands and even some medium arched turns problematic.

What makes the O2 VAM so special?

In short, the O2 VAM is a complete bike. Its combination of attributes marks it out as something special. What I like is that Rob Gitelis, industry veteran and Factor’s owner, is candid about the fact the bike required pretty special engineering knowhow and fabrication methods to get to where it is.

Is the O2 VAM bike stiff enough for sprints?

Despite the bike’s skinny silhouette, features such as the ‘wide stance’ seatstays and sculpted bottom bracket junction mean the O2 VAM is stiff enough at the rear for sprint efforts – and that’s coming from an 84kg rider.

Does the factor O2 Fork have flex?

We figured the slender fork would produce unwanted flex, but it was not to be. Our Factor O2 came equipped with a Shimano quick-shifting Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain, hydraulic flat-mount disc brakes and 140mm rotors. A compact-gearing Dura-Ace crankset gave us plenty of gears for the steeper climbs, and we rode with an 11-28t rear cassette.