Are Double Bull blinds worth the money?

Are Double Bull blinds worth the money?

The double bull is a little pricey but trust me its well worth it in the long run. The blind also comes with a lifetime warranty. I recieved the double bull deluxe blind a day early. I have owned other blinds in the past that only last a season or two before they start falling apart.

Can you shoot through a Primos Double Bull blind?

Re: Shoot through mesh on a Double Bull Blind If your bow is well tuned, shooting thru the mesh works just fine.

Are Double Bull blinds waterproof?

The blind material—a cotton/poly blend—isn’t waterproof, but it’s much quieter when pelted with rain or acorns compared with plasticized waterproof blinds.

Where are Double Bull blinds made?

Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Designed for consistent success for hunters who want the advantages of a full coverage blind and don’t want a cheap, poor-quality imitation.

Can you shoot through the Rhino 180?

Large, easy-to-adjust shoot-through mesh windows mean you can stay hidden and enjoy a clear shot from virtually any angle. The Rhino-180 blind has a zipper-free door for quiet entry and exit.

How big is a double bull blind?

60″ x 60″
The Double Bull SurroundView Double Wide Ground Blind features a Power Hub Framework, specifically designed for strength, and quick and easy set up. A spacious 60″ x 60″ footprint with 70″ center-height allows 2 hunters to move freely.

Can deer see through blind mesh?

Don’t shoot through the mesh with mechanicals. Just make sure you have the solid fabric part pulled up behind you and the deer won’t be able to see your outline then. The only reason people get lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar territory.

Can you shoot Grim Reaper broadheads through mesh?

Regarding shooting a Grim Reaper through the mesh, it can be done, but, I would not recommend it. Shot placement is key with any broadhead, the Grim Reapers included.

What ground blind can you see through?

The ALL NEW Rhino 180 See Through blind takes ground blind hunting to a whole new level! This unique 2-way mesh system prevents wild game from seeing in while allowing you, the hunter, to see out crystal clear without any obstruction.

What are the see through hunting blinds called?

It’s called the Rhino Blinds R180 See-Through Hunting Blind, and it’s available right now at Amazon.