Are ChiaoGoo red and blue cables interchangeable?

Are ChiaoGoo red and blue cables interchangeable?

Interchangeable needle cables just got more flexible. That’s right, more flexible! ChiaoGoo’s TWIST Blue X-Flex cables are similar to their stiffer sister, TWIST Red Cables, but their blue color makes them pop!

Are ChiaoGoo twist and spin interchangeable?

What is the difference between the SPIN™ and TWIST™ interchangeables? The SPIN interchangeables have bamboo tips and a clear, nylon cable that allows the tips to “spin” or swivel freely. The TWIST interchangeables have surgical stainless steel, lace tips and come with a memory-free, multi-strand steel cable.

What is an interchangeable needle set?

Interchangeable Circular Needle Sets offer you a collection of tips and cords that allow you to tackle all sizes of knitting projects. Most come with handsome organizers that keep your needles and cords together and nicely organized in one spot, making it a snap to start that next new project.

What are ChiaoGoo interchangeable needles?

Chiaogoo Twist Interchangeable Needle Sets have been engineered with this detail and many more in mind: The high-grade stainless steel tips connect securely with a completely smooth transition. The needles are precise without being uncomfortably sharp. The red twist cables have a steel core so they have no memory.

Are ChiaoGoo needles worth it?

The needles feel really good to knit with and the cables are nice and flexible and don’t stay in that annoying curled shape. I’ve had them for about 4 months now and haven’t had any problems with tips staying on tight. The size range is perfect for 99% of the projects I make.

Who makes ChiaoGoo needles?

Westing Bridge LLC
Westing Bridge LLC is a family-owned business that was started by four brothers. Its ChiaoGoo brand knitting and crochet tools are designed and distributed in Troy, Michigan. Its manufacturing facility is based in Hangzhou, China.

What sizes do chiaogoo needles come in?

Offered in a wide range of lengths, 16 to 60, and sizes, US 000 to US 19, RED Lace is the perfect go-to for any project. These needles have pointier tips than their sister needle, ChiaoGoo Knit RED Circular Needles, but still have the same soft and smooth finish! Please note: ChiaoGoo US 17 (12.75mm) needles do not follow standard US sizing.

What size are twist™ short combo knitting needles?

Our TWIST™ Short Combo packs contain one 2″ (5 cm) and one 3″ (8 cm) set of the same size tip as well as two cables allowing knitters to make 9″ (23 cm) – 12″ (31 cm) circulars. Sizes 000 (1.5mm) – 3 (3.25mm) have a More

What is the difference between chiaogoo red and red lace needles?

These needles have blunter tips than their sister needle, ChiaoGoo RED Lace Circular needles, but still have the same soft and smooth finish. ChiaoGoo’s RED Lace Circular Needles are strong, durable, and oh so smooth!

How many cables are in a needle cable?

Each set comes with 4 TWIST Small red cables (two 8/20cm, one 14/35cm, and one 22/55cm), 4 end stoppers, 4 adapters, 2 connectors, tightening keys, and a needle gauge all packaged in a pretty zippered case. Interchangeable needle cables just got more flexible.