Are African soft fur rats good pets?

Are African soft fur rats good pets?

Not only is this little rat a great step up for people who feed reptiles it is virtually odorless and that is definately a plus for those who would like to have a pet rat or mouse they can keep inside the house and not spend a fortune in bedding or spend a lot of time cleaning to keep the rodent odor down.

What can I feed my African soft fur rats?

ASF’s thrive on a diet consisting mostly of small animal seed mix and commercial rat pellets. They also like fruits and vegetables. You can feed them just about everything but remember the rule “you are what you eat” and your reptiles will be eating these rats.

Are African soft fur rats good for ball pythons?

Our conclusions found that ASF rats are a great tool to have in a ball python collection. We find that in most, not all ball pythons, ASF can trigger a food response out of a fasting ball python. We have had males that refused food after the breeding season for a prolonged time.

Where are African soft fur rats from?

Originally from Africa. Natural habitat is forests or deserts. Lives for up to three years. Omnivorous – eats a complete rodent food supplemented by meal worms, fruit, vegetables.

What does ASF mean for snakes?

ASF. (African Soft Fur) The African soft fur is a type of rat that shares its habitat with ball/royal pythons, making them the pythons’ natural prey.

Are ASF better for ball pythons?

some breeders prefer ASFs because they have less odor than rats, some snakes prefer ASFs because they are more enticing. I prefer rats because they are easier to get in my locale, and they are less likely to spontaniously eat their young. Luckily my snakes don’t know what an ASF is or I might be in trouble!

What does FC mean reptile?

When they are not captive bred we make best efforts to notate that they are farm raised (FR) and/or field collected (FC) species but are not responsible for any error in notation. We guarantee that all reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas & scorpions we sell are healthy before shipping to you.

What is Ch reptile?

CB/CH stands for “captive born” and/or “captive hatched.” This means a pregnant female was taken from the wild, but the babies were born in captivity. This can also mean eggs were harvested from the wild and hatched in captivity.