“All Sorts of Unexpected Meetings and Links”: Virago Books Hosts Release Party for Amateurs in Eden.

On 7 February 2012, Virago Books hosted a book launch for Amateurs in Eden, Joanna Hodgkin’s new biography of her mother, Nancy Durrell Hodgkin.

Joanna tells us that the party was held at one of Fiztrovia’s longstanding literary landmarks – the Wheatsheaf – “a small pub with a proper 1930s atmosphere”:

Despite Siberian temperatures outside, it was a really great party – a lovely mix of people from all different bits of my life. My fear had been that everyone would stay with who they knew, but in fact there were all sorts of unexpected meetings and links.

The event included readings from Lawrence Durrell’s poetry, and Joanna reports that all copies of Amateurs in Eden sold out before the end of the party – a very promising sign!

Durrell 2012: The Lawrence Durrell Centenary congratulates our friend Joanna Hodgkin on the the successful release of her new book, Amateurs in Eden.  We look forward to joining Joanna and the other invited speakers during the Durrell Centenary events, 13 – 16 June 2012.

See the Durrell 2012 draft schedule to learn when Joanna Hodgkin and other invited speakers will be giving their talks.

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Her story is not a footnote; it is absolutely central” – Read The Independent’s book review of Amateurs in Eden.

Days of Heaven” – Read The Economist’s book review of Amateurs in Eden.

Visit the Amateurs in Eden blogsite.

Take advantage of a special discounted offer from Virago Books.

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