Why stay at the Sylvanian Grand Hotel?

Why stay at the Sylvanian Grand Hotel?

A stay at the Sylvanian Grand Hotel is an experience all Sylvanians will love. The perfect setting for celebrations and ideal for visitig friends and family. Guests can dine in the luxury dining room, dance the night away in the ballroom and relax in one of the beautiful rooms.

What are the most valuable Sylvanian Families?

Rare Sylvanian Families, like Beanie Babies and Care Bears, can be worth a lot of money. Some of the most valuable include the Vintage Mansion House, the Grand Hotel With Eight NIB Furniture Set, the Vintage Timbertop Bear and the Super Rare Large Chocolate Rabbit.

How much is a Sylvanian family house on the hill worth?

Sylvanian Families House on the Hill – £280 These Sylvanian Families ‘House on the Hill’ sets were originally retailed at £39.99, so anyone still in possession of one who hasn’t given it to a charity shop will be pleased to hear that it’s now worth a lot of money.

How much can you sell a Sylvanian mansion house for?

One seller from Newcastle managed to sell his Sylvanian Families house for over £100 despite the fact that it had undergone several repair jobs over the years – collectors must clearly be desperate to get their hands on one of these vintage mansion houses!

Why stay at Hotel Indigo Savannah Historic District?

Your stay at Hotel Indigo Savannah Historic District places you just steps from the city’s most popular features and attractions. City Market is directly adjacent to us, while River Street and Broughton Street Shopping are less than two blocks away.

Are there two neighborhoods at Hotel Indigo® properties?

No two neighborhoods are alike. Neither are any two Hotel Indigo® properties. Seek a uniquely local hotel experience during your travels. The culture of the surrounding neighborhood is reflected in the vibrant sights, sounds and flavor of our hotels.

What is a Sylvanian family?

Sylvanian Families are an adorable range of distinctive animal characters with charming and beautiful homes, furniture and accessories. They live, work and play in the idyllic and wonderful land of Sylvania.