Why is my ATT gateway offline?

Why is my ATT gateway offline?

Potential Cause: Internet service to your customer’s house is temporarily out. The gateway has lost power. The gateway has been disconnected from your customer’s router or the physical port on the router or switch has failed.

How do I reset my AT gateway?

Perform a factory reset on your gateway

  1. Locate the Reset button on the rear of the gateway, located directly beside the power input.
  2. Press and hold the button for at least 10 seconds.
  3. After releasing the button, wait until the device reboots and all the status lights on the gateway are lit.

Can’t connect to ATT Wi-Fi?

Restart your AT Wireless Internet device by switching the power button to OFF then back to ON. Refresh the network list again. If still unable to detect the AT Wireless Internet SSID, it may be necessary to perform a device reset to restore factory settings.

Why is my gateway blinking green?

The green LED light on the Internet Gateway indicates the status of the Internet connection. If the gateway is not connected to the router, the green LED light will be off. If the green LED light is flashing on and off, the Internet Gateway is connected to the router, but cannot connect to the Internet or myQ server.

What is a Wi-Fi gateway?

A wireless gateway routes packets from a wireless LAN to another network, wired or wireless WAN. It may be implemented as software or hardware or a combination of both. Wireless gateways combine the functions of a wireless access point, a router, and often provide firewall functions as well.

What does gateway authentication failure mean?

A Gateway authentication error occurs when the settings are modified or the built-up cache has become corrupt. To erase this corrupt data, you need to perform a power cycling process on your U-verse modem. Step 1- Power OFF the modem and unplug the Power supply cord from the wall socket.

What happens when you press the WPS button on the router?

The WPS button simplifies the connection process Press the WPS button on your router to turn on the discovery of new devices. Then, go to your device and select the network you want to connect to. The device is automatically connected to the wireless network without having to enter the network password.