Why has the scientific approach been used in the 2013 curriculum?

Why has the scientific approach been used in the 2013 curriculum?

Scientific approach implemented successfully fostered students’ critical thinking and developed high-thinking level of students’ learning behaviour.

What is scientific approach in curriculum?

the Scientific Approach is regarded as an approach that integrate students’ attitude, skills, and knowledge by implementing observing, questioning, experimenting, associating, and communicating in the teaching learning process; (3) the difficulties.

What is scientific approach in curriculum evaluation?

Scientific Approach This approach to curriculum evaluation focuses on using quantitative data generate by the learners. This allows for statistical analysis. Furthermore, the results are compared in order to determine the level of success.

What is the curriculum in Indonesia?

Elementary education (pendidikan dasar) lasts for six years (grades one to six). The curriculum comprises basic subjects like religious education, national philosophy and civics, Indonesian, mathematics, science, social science, arts, and physical education.

How can the scientific method be applied to language use in English teaching?

The implementation of scientific method in learning involves process skill such as observing, classifying, measuring, predicting, expalining, and concluding. In doing this process, the teacher’s help is needed, but it reduces as the learners achieve higher levels.

What are the curriculum approaches?

Curriculum Approach: It is a way of dealing with curriculum, a way of doing, creating,designing and thinking about the curriculum.

How is scientific method used in education?

The scientific method focuses on asking a strong research question, finding strategies for appropriately investigating the question, analyzing findings, and drawing conclusions. The scientific method helps students get into the mindset of scientists, always framing and planning investigations.

What are the different approaches to curriculum evaluation?

Based on the use of time, methods, instruments and purpose of the evaluation, curriculum evaluations are divided into two major types; formative evaluation and summative evaluations. The concept of Formative and Summative Evaluation was introduced by Scriven in 1991.

How does the Indonesian education system work?

In general the national education system is similar to systems implemented in other countries. As a matter of law, education in Indonesia is divided into two categories, formal education and non formal education. The department of education administers formal education from primary to university levels.

What is the biggest problem in the Indonesian education system?

Executive Summary. Indonesia’s biggest challenge regarding education is no longer improving access but improving quality. The Indonesian Government hopes to develop a ‘world-class’ education system by 2025.

What is scientific based approach?

Scientific Approach is a learning process, designed to make the students actively construct their own knowledge through stages of scientific method. The scientific approach in learning process can be done by using learning modules. One of the learning model is discovery based learning.

Is the implementation of scientific approach in teaching English always implemented fully?

From the explanation above, it can be conclude that the implementation of scientific approach in teaching English is not always implemented fully. The stages that not always used by the teachers are communicating and associating stage. The situation happen because of some

How did the teacher use all the stages of scientific approach?

The teacher used all the stages of scientific approach when she taught about degree of comparison. The second procedure is Observing, Questioning, Experimenting, and Communicating. This pattern is used by the teacher when taught the material descriptive text.

What is the scientific approach to Classroom Procedure?

With regard to classroom procedure, the scientific approach is materialized in the learning cycle which comprises of five steps, namely: observing, questioning, experimenting, associating, and 2

Why do we need a scientific approach in language education?

The decision of using scientific approach in language education is to make learners curious about the world around them, to improve skills and exhibit more positive attitudes toward science, to improve their oral communication and critical thinking.