Why do you soak fruitcake in alcohol?

Why do you soak fruitcake in alcohol?

The alcohol added to the cake to age and maintain it acts as a preservative, allowing people to keep or regift a fruitcake for years.

What kind of alcohol goes in fruitcake?

Alcohol: medium sherry, dark rum, whisky, brandy or orange-flavoured liqueur are the usual flavours for fruit cakes. Brush 1-2 tablespoons over the cake immediately it is removed from the oven.

How long do you soak fruitcake in rum?

Soak the fruit in rum for at least 24 hours at room temperature before baking your fruitcake. 72 hours of soaking is ideal, but check the fruit each day and add more rum if needed so that it doesn’t dry out. Add rum soaked fruit to your cake batter and reserve the soaking liquid. Bake fruitcake and let cool completely.

How do you add alcohol to fruitcake?

Evenly pour 1.5 – 2 ounces of your favorite bourbon, rum, brandy, or cognac, over the fruitcake. For a quick way to measure, use a standard-sized shot glass. Take care to pour slowly, allowing the liquor to absorb into the cake with minimal runoff.

Can you add rum to a store bought fruit cake?

As for what alcohol, rum or brandy is pretty traditional for soaking fruitcake, but almost anything will work.

Can I soak a store bought fruitcake in rum?

What can I substitute for rum in fruitcake?

Here are some alcohol options — you can choose any of the below:

  • Brand Or Cherry Brandy.
  • Dark Rum.
  • Medium Sherry.
  • Wine.
  • Whiskey.
  • Orange-Flavored Liqueur.

Can I use whiskey instead of brandy in a fruit cake?

Whiskey serves as a great substitute for brandy in a fruitcake. Although whiskey comes from fermented grain mash while brandy is made from fermented grape mash, the process is so similar, that the flavor will be similar as well.

What is the best way to make fruitcake bars?

Fruitcake bars deliver the same great flavors of fruitcake with much less time and work. Heat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour rectangular pan, 13x9x2 inches. In large bowl, mix 1 cup flour, the brown sugar, butter, orange peel, baking soda, cinnamon, salt and egg with spoon.

How do you make a simple fruit cake?

Mix together flour, baking powder and salt. Take 2 tablespoons of flour mixture and stir in with candied fruit, nuts and currants, to keep fruit from clumping in the batter. Add the rest of the flour mix to the eggs and sugar. Fold fruit and nuts into batter.

How do you make fruitcake that won’t make you eat it?

“People who declare they won’t eat fruitcake love these bars! They’re so easy to make…and they’re colorful, too – chock-full of candied pineapple and red and green cherries.” In a large bowl, cream the butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each.

How do you make the perfect cupcakes?

In a large bowl, cream the butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each. Stir in vanilla. Add flour and walnuts; mix well. Spread evenly into a greased 15x10x1-in. baking pan.