Why do they kiss weird in Kdramas?

Why do they kiss weird in Kdramas?

It could be a first kiss, a kiss between friends turning to lovers, between co workers. Another reason could be the actor’s or the actress’ shy character, they feel awkward so it shows. In some scenes they don’t really kiss, it’s all about the angles while filming. So you could end up with an awkward kissing scene.

Which Kdrama has most kiss?

20 Steamiest K-Drama Kissing Scenes Ranked, From It’s Okay Not To Be Okay To Hospital Playlist

  • Pinocchio (2014) Source.
  • Hospital Playlist Season 2 (2021) Source.
  • Gangnam Beauty (2018) Source.
  • Just Between Lovers (2017) Source.
  • W (2016) Source.
  • Strong Woman Do BongSoon (2017) Source.
  • She Would Never Know (2021)
  • Abyss (2019)

Why do KDramas have 16 episodes?

The story structure: there is a beginning – mid – the end. Most of the series have allotted episodes based on the story structure. 16 episodes are ideal numbers as it’s not too long or too short, so it turns easy to fit the story structure in it without making the series dragged.

Why do Korean dramas only have 16 episodes?

Source material: A “simpler” story can be generated from a short outline and fleshed out to fill 15-16 hours of screen time. To make a story content last for longer is not a linear scale. A story twice as long will require perhaps 6-8 times as long to write to keep the plot and story elements consistent and exciting.

Is kiss scene real?

Well to answer is “YES” technically they do kiss. You will be surprised to know that most of the actors who do these scenes are often married and do not mean a thing actually!

Are bad kissing scenes bad for dramas?

Bad kissing scenes don’t necessarily bring down a drama completely, but they definitely frustrate viewers in many cases. One of the kissing scenes that has perhaps received the most complaints is from one of the most popular dramas of all time: Boys Over Flowers.

Which K-drama has the most memorable kiss scenes?

It’s no surprise that the most memorable kiss scenes to most K-drama fans are the ones that sizzle with obvious amounts of romantic attraction. In my book, there are four dramas that stand out with commendable kissing scenes. The first one is Goong, perhaps better known as Princess Hours.

What are the best kiss scenes in while you were sleeping?

The two characters’ kissing scene near the waterfall is one of the most memorable kisses the two shared in the show. While You Were Sleeping had an array of kiss scenes, but the one that stood out the most was the one the two characters shared in the rain.

What should I know about K-Drama before watching it?

If you’re new to K-drama there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of. Kissing scenes are oftentimes PG-13 or PG-rated. The scenes are more about emotion than actual extreme physicality and involve a lot of camera angles.