Why do hairdressers use capes?

Why do hairdressers use capes?

Some capes offer water-resistant jackets or cover-ups which are ideal for shampooing and styling. Other capes offer chemically resistant material, which is ideal for coloring.

What is cutting cape?

SALON QUALITY HAIRCUTTING CAPE: Professional salon cape specifically designed for cutting or styling hair. While built sturdy enough for the salon, it is also perfect for cutting the family’s hair at home.

What are the haircut capes called?

Barber Capes are staples in a barbershop or salon. Being covered in a barber cape is a part of the experience, especially for children that are getting their first haircut.

How do you wash a cape haircut?

It is advisable to wipe away any dirt or hair from the surface of the cape. Read the label for specific washing instructions. Use room temperature water and mild detergents. Do not scrub or twist the cape just gently wipe away any stain or dirt to prolong its color and finish.

What are barber capes made of?

Most capes are made of nylon or polyester and trap heat inside, causing heat to come out at the neck opening. This is not only uncomfortable for clients—it also creates perspiration and makes hair stick to the neck.

What material are salon capes made of?

The strongest chemical proof capes and aprons are often made of waterproof polyurethane and are given the highest level of protection and durability. Lighter weight fabrics, such as nylon, keep wearers cooler and more comfortable.

Can you dry salon capes?

Caring for your Salon Capes Saloncapes garments are easy to care for – just machine wash and dry. Saloncapes garments have no plastic, rubber or vinyl that will bubble, crack or melt.

Why choose our beauty salon Capes?

We offer stain-resistant and extremely durable hair salon capes fit for bleaching, hair coloring, cutting, comb-outs, shampoo sessions and much more. The best feature of our beauty salon capes is that the neck can be easily adjusted to kids’ sizes and even extra-large sizes.

What is a hairdresser Cape?

Hair cutting and styling cover-ups are designed to keep your customers free of hair and liquids. Barber capes are structured and tailored to meet the everyday requirement of the multitude of washing. A beautiful hair cape around your customer sets off your gorgeous hair cutting.

How big is the neck of a beauty salon Cape?

The best feature of our beauty salon capes is that the neck can be easily adjusted to kids’ sizes and even extra-large sizes. The neck size varies from 12” to 24” inches and is adjustable with our signature durable stainless steel snaps on each side.

What is salonwear Capes?

Salonwear Capes are the best capes you will find on the market today! We have created exclusive bleach-proof, color, stain, and water-resistant hair salon capes and other apparel for beauty professionals across the US and around the world.