Why did Cespedes quit?

Why did Cespedes quit?

Based on new reporting, Cespedes’ opt-out appeared to come as a result of a blend of persistent concerns over his contract incentives and displeasure over the way in which the Mets were using him. Both concerns converged on the morning of Aug. 2, when he abandoned the team in Atlanta.

Is Cespedes still with the Mets?

Yoenis Céspedes’ blistering homer Céspedes’ eventful 5 1/2-year tenure with the Mets ended last season, when the 35-year-old outfielder returned to the field for the first time since July 20, 2018, but only appeared in eight games before electing not to play the rest of the season due to “COVID-related reasons.”

Who is the Mets center fielder?

fielder Starling Marte
The New York Mets rounded out their first big day this offseason by reaching an agreement with center fielder Starling Marte on a four-year, $78 million contract, sources confirmed to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

Who is the Mets left fielder?

Mark Canha
Jeff McNeilBrandon Nimmo
New York Mets/Left fielders

Is Javier Báez on the Mets?

It was fun while it lasted. Although the Mets tried to retain infielder Javier Báez, he is instead signing with the Detroit Tigers on a six-year, $140 million deal, which includes an opt-out after the second season and a limited no-trade clause allowing him to block deals to 10 teams each year.

What team is Cespedes on now?

New York MetsYoenis Céspedes / Current team (#52 / Designated hitter, Left fielder, Right fielder)