Why are Brooks saddles so good?

Why are Brooks saddles so good?

The shiny surface, too, helps stop chafing and even heavy cotton jeans have moisture wicked-away quickly by the leather. In short, it might look uncomfortable, but it is in fact the most comfortable kind of seat you can buy.

Which Brooks saddle is best for me?

Choose a Brooks Saddle that Fits your Riding Style

  • If you’re usually positioned over your bars, these are for you.
  • If you’re usually positioned angled forward, but not all the way over the bars, these are for you.
  • If you’re upright for easy riding, these are for you.

Are Brooks saddles real leather?

Handcrafted from premium vegetable tanned leather, each Brooks leather saddle is naturally comfortable, and supple enough to mould to each rider’s body shape. They provide lifelong comfort and durability and a truly natural approach to well-being for cyclists. For Boundless Journeys.

Are Brooks saddles good for long rides?

But on some bikes, it belongs. And for comfort on long rides, you may never sit on anything better. The Brooks B17 is one of the oldest models from an English company That’s been making leather bike seats for 138 years. For decades, the B17 has been a favorite of tourists and long-distance aficionados around the world.

How do you break-in a Brooks saddle?

For a Faster Break-in: Apply Brooks brand Proofide to the top (shiny) side of your saddle. Just use a modest amount (a dab will do ya) and massage it into the saddle using a small rag. Next we’ll use that very same technique to apply Proofide to the underside, yes the underside, of your saddle.

How do you break in a Brooks saddle?

What is the lightest Brooks saddle?

Cambium C13 All
Now the new Cambium C13 All-Weather family delivers waterproof versions of Brooks’ lightest saddle with full carbon rails, for gravellers, bikepackers & commuters who pedal in the harshest conditions.

How do you break in Brooks?

How long does it take a Brooks saddle to break in?

Install the saddle onto the bike, put on your black shorts, and ride. Even the most recalcitrant saddle (the thick-skinned Brooks Professional) will be substantially broken in within 200 miles or so. The soaking technique is best for thick, hard-to-break in saddles such as the Brooks Professional.

How long do Brooks saddles take to break in?