Who won Superstar K2?

Who won Superstar K2?

Huh GakSuperstar K 2 / WinnerHuh Gak is a South Korean singer. He rose to fame after winning the 2010 Mnet talent competition series Superstar K 2, during which he became known as “the Korean Paul Potts.” Wikipedia

Who won Superstar K 2011?

Winning contestants

Year Season Winner
2009 Superstar K1 Seo In-guk
2010 Superstar K2 Huh Gak
2011 Superstar K3 Ulala Session
2012 Superstar K4 Roy Kim

Is Roy Kim in the military?

Previously, Roy Kim enlisted with the marine corps to begin his mandatory military service duties on June 15, 2020. Now, the singer is awaiting his official discharge from his duties this coming December 14.