Who won Pilipinas Got Talent 2016?

Who won Pilipinas Got Talent 2016?

dancesport duo Power Duo
The grand finale was held on May 21 and 22, 2016 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay, where dancesport duo Power Duo became the first non-singing act to win the show. Power Duo hailed as PGT season 5 grand winner, winning ₱2,000,000.00 (about £29,500, €38,100, US$42,750) cash.

Did Power Duo win agt?

Power Duo is a dance duo in the Philippines. The group was known as the grand winner in the fifth season of the Philippine Got Talent franchise.

Who won Pilipinas Got Talent 2015?

Pilipinas Got Talent (season 5)

Pilipinas Got Talent
Judges Robin Padilla Freddie M. Garcia Vice Ganda Angel Locsin
Winner Power Duo
Runner-up The Amazing Pyra
Finals venue Mall of Asia Arena Pasay, Philippines

What does Power Duo mean?

A Power duo is a two-piece rock band that follows a similar blues rock style to a traditional power trio, and whose primary lineup consists of a drummer and a guitarist (such as The White Stripes, The Like Young, The Black Keys, Local H, Japandroids, No Age, Wye Oak, Giant Drag, Blood Red Shoes, Jucifer, and `68); a …

What does Dynamic Duo mean?

cliché Two people often paired together whose unique traits, when combined, usually result in success or otherwise positive results.

What’s another word for duo?

What is another word for duo?

pair couple
dyad twain
couplet duet
doublet team
partnership double act

Who won Asia’s Got Talent 2016?

El Gamma Penumbra
It featured a grand prize of US$100,000 and an opportunity to perform at the Marina Bay Sands….Asia’s Got Talent (season 1)

Asia’s Got Talent
Judges Anggun David Foster Melanie C Vanness Wu
Winner El Gamma Penumbra
Runner-up Khusugtun