Who won in Goldberg vs Undertaker?

Who won in Goldberg vs Undertaker?

The Undertaker
The Undertaker defeated Goldberg at WWE Super ShowDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on Friday in what was the first one-on-one meeting of their illustrious careers. Taker prevailed in a clunky match that saw Goldberg get busted open early on and then fail to complete a Jackhammer in the latter stages.

How did Goldberg hurt Undertaker?

Goldberg nearly broke Taker’s neck on a botched jackhammer, both men fell over what looked like an aborted reversal into a tombstone, and Undertaker forgot to even wrap Goldberg’s leg after finishing him with a weak chokeslam.

When was Goldberg’s last match?

On the Feb. 4 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Goldberg confronted Roman Reigns and challenged him for the Universal Championship, which is taking place at the Elimination Chamber event in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. This is what Goldberg confirmed numerous times as the last match on his current contract with the company.

What was Bill Goldberg last match?

Remarkably, more than two decades after the end of WCW, Goldberg is still active, with one more match on his current deal. He last performed at WWE’s Crown Jewel show in October, defeating Bobby Lashley in a no-holds-barred, falls-count-anywhere match.

Did Undertaker ever fight Goldberg?

Goldberg, in particular, seemed to botch move after move before The Undertaker finally defeated him after the 9-minute mark. Goldberg even got concussed during the bout. The Undertaker was victorious, but given the nature of the main event, it felt like nobody won.

Who won Goldberg vs Undertaker 2019?

In a series of botches, Goldberg attempted to hit the Tombstone on Taker, but Taker fell to the ground when trying to reverse it into another Tombstone. Instead, Taker just called the match and picked up Goldberg, hitting a chokeslam for the 1-2-3.

How much can Goldberg lift?

Goldberg certainly lives up to his billing in both arenas. His reported 565 lbs bench press is just a jaw-dropping figure.

Did Undertaker defeat Goldberg?

The Undertaker stood tall as he defeated a bloodied Goldberg at the main event of Super ShowDown 2019 show in Jeddah tonight. The two legends of pro-wrestling faced off for the first time in their career King Abdullah Sports City International Stadium.

Who is better John Cena or Undertaker?

Regarding championships, Cena’s resume is more decorated than The Undertaker’s. In total, Cena has 16 reigns as world champion (13-time WWE Champion, 3-time World Heavyweight Champion), while Undertaker has seven (4-time WWE Champion, 3-time World Heavyweight Champion). Advertisement

Is Khali better than Undertaker?

Under taker and great khali is more better wrestlers in WWE. The great khali is so tall so he can’t stay at a point. Great khali has more mass than undertaker. But in game the great khali much time lost. By using his power firstly. So both players are good..

Is the Undertaker the best wrestler ever?

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