Who were the original cast of Crackerjack?

Who were the original cast of Crackerjack?

Its initial long run featured Eamonn Andrews, Max Bygraves, Leslie Crowther, Ed “Stewpot” Stewart, Joe Baker, Jack Douglas, Stu Francis, Peter Glaze, Don Maclean, Michael Aspel, Christine Holmes, Jacqueline Clarke, Stuart Sherwin, Little and Large, Jan Hunt, The Krankies, Basil Brush, Geoffrey Durham, Bernie Clifton.

How old is Stu Francis?

71 years (January 30, 1951)Stu Francis / Age

Who said I could just crush a grape?

Catchphrases such as “Ooh I could crush a grape”, and “I could rip a tissue”, coined by Stu Francis, who presented the show in the 1980s, were heard in playgrounds across the nation. More than 450 episodes were broadcast before Crackerjack was cancelled in 1984 as bosses sought to overhaul children’s schedules.

Who was in Crackerjack with Leslie Crowther?

William George Peter Glaze
William George Peter Glaze (17 September 1917 – 20 February 1983) was an English comedian born in London. He appeared in Crackerjack! with Eamonn Andrews and Leslie Crowther in the 1960s, and with Michael Aspel, Don Maclean and Bernie Clifton in the 1970s.

When was Crackerjack first aired?

September 14, 1955Crackerjack! / First episode date

Did the krankies say I could crush a grape?

A staple of children’s television from 1955 to 1984, the anarchic Crackerjack marked the start of the weekend. It made The Krankies stars and turned “crush a grape” into a playground catchphrase.

Who DAID chase?

Duncan Norvelle
Duncan Norvelle (born 2 April 1958, Hoton, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England) is an English comedian in the variety tradition who appeared on television from the early 1980s. He was often referred to as Duncan “Chase me” Norvelle, stemming from his catchphrase “Chase me!”.

Who is Duncan Norvelle married to?

Jane LindsayDuncan Norvelle / Spouse

Who were the original Crackerjack presenters?

When Queen Elizabeth visited the production in 1961 she was presented with Crackerjack pencils for her children. Crackerjack featured a host of presenter stars over the years. Leslie Crowther followed Andrews, then Michael Aspel, Ed Stewart and Stu Francis.

Is Stewart Francis a Canadian comedian?

For the Canadian comedian, see Stewart Francis. Stuart G. G. Francis (born 30 January 1948 in Bolton, Lancashire, England) is a British comedian with a camp style of delivery who achieved celebrity as lead presenter on the children’s television programme Crackerjack (1980–1984).

Is Crackerjack coming back to the BBC?

THE world of TV went, er, crackers yesterday when the BBC revealed that cult kids’ show Crackerjack was making a comeback. But not everyone who’s been involved in the hit series was happy to hear the news. Feeling cranky… Krankies star Ian Tough, left, and Stu Francis, right, were not happy to hear of the return of Crackerjack Credit: BBC

Is Crackerjack the funniest film you’ve ever seen?

Crackerjack may not be the funniest film I’ve seen this year but it’s certainly an enjoyable diversion, well worth a look. Lots of other people obviously agree with me as it’s headed to be the biggest grossing Australian film this year.