Who was Martha Jane Huskey Ogle?

Who was Martha Jane Huskey Ogle?

Martha was born in Wake County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of John Frederick Huskey and Rebecca Washington-Huskey. Martha Jane Huskey married William “Billy” Ogle, he was born in New Castle, Delaware and was the son of Thomas Ogle and Elizabeth “Robeson” Ogle.

Where does the surname Ogle come from?

Scottish, English, and northern Irish: habitational name from a place in Northumbria, named with the Old English personal name Ocga + Old English hyll ‘hill’.

What was Gatlinburg original name?

White Oak Flats
Before the area gained the name Gatlinburg, it was called White Oak Flats, a name derived from the types of trees found around the land. As the years passed, settlers made their way to the little town of White Oak Flats.

Who is Gatlinburg named after?

Radford Gatlin

Gatlinburg, Tennessee
County Sevier
Settled c. 1806
Incorporated 1945
Named for Radford Gatlin

Is Ogle Irish?

Where was the Gatlinburg fire?

the Great Smoky Mountains
The fire started on November 23rd in the Great Smoky Mountains. Five days later, incredibly fierce winds, nearly 90 mph, fueled the fire and caused it to go out of control, eventually spreading towards Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 14,000 residents and tourists were forced to evacuate.

Who is Radford Gatlin?

Who Was Radford Gatlin? Radford Gatlin was said to be the most hated man in Gatlinburg. We know one thing for sure: He was a controversial man. Before he moved to Gatlinburg, Gatlin owned land in Jefferson County, where he’s said to have engaged in many petty lawsuits with his neighbors.

How did Sevierville get its name?

1. Sevierville Was Named After Governor John Sevier. Sevierville and Sevier County both take their name from John Sevier, the first governor of Tennessee. A native of Virginia, Sevier first came to prominence during the Revolutionary War, when he led the Overmountain Men to victory in the Battle of Kings Mountain.

Where do ogles come from?