Who voiced facilier?

Who voiced facilier?

Keith DavidThe Princess and the Frog
Daniel FrancisOnce Upon a Time
Dr. Facilier/Voiced by

Is Armageddon true?

‘Armageddon’ is real, massive asteroid could hit Earth in 2032.

Is Morgan Freeman in Armageddon?

Although Armageddon was released around the same time as Deep Impact, Morgan Freeman’s performance — along with a far more scientifically accurate depiction of the possible end of life on earth —made the latter a superior film (although, sadly, no Aerosmith).

What does Keith David Narrator?

He has worked with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns several times, narrating Burns’ Jazz, Mark Twain, The War, Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson, Jackie Robinson and Muhammad Ali. David won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for his work in The War and Unforgivable Blackness.

What rig was Armageddon filmed on?

Ocean Monarch oil rig
Bruce Willis in a scene from Armageddon, which was partly shot on the Ocean Monarch oil rig. Bruce Willis as a deep sea oil driller who saves the planet, in a scene shot on the Ocean Monarch.

What was Bruce Willis job in Armageddon?

NASA contacts Harry Stamper (Willis), considered the best deep-sea oil driller in the world, for assistance and advice. Harry returns to NASA along with his daughter Grace (Tyler) to keep her away from her new boyfriend, one of Harry’s young and rambunctious drillers, A.J. Frost (Affleck).

Who is Keith David?

Keith David is a classically trained actor, winning 3 Emmys out of 6 nominations as well as being nominated for a Tony award. He starred in the recently concluded TV series “Greenleaf” for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. Upcoming films include “Horizon Line” with Allison Williams (“Get Out”) and “Black As Night,” for Amazon. In “Greenleaf” Keith…

What are some of the best songs that Keith David has sung?

– Keith David (2017) Self – La Cosa (2012) Childs – Kratos VS Spawn (2011) Spawn – Hercules and the Yearbook (1999) Apollo Did You Know? I am working on my nightclub act, definitely want to do more singing.

Who is Keith David from Rick and Morty?

Keith David also has a recurring role as the President of the United States in the adult animated series Rick and Morty . David was the narrator of the MLB Network special Mr. Padre, the video biography of San Diego Padres Hall-of-Fame outfielder Tony Gwynn .

What kind of movies does David Keith appear in?

On April 18, 2011, Keith appeared in the 21st episode of season one of Hawaii Five-0 as criminal tycoon Jimmy Cannon. In 2012, he appeared in the horror film Smiley and the science-fiction drama Cloud Atlas. In 2013, David appeared in the controversial drama Boiling Pot which is based on true events of racism.