Who started RocoMamas?

Who started RocoMamas?

Brian Altriche
The RocoMamas concept was launched by Brian Altriche, who has grown RocoMamas to more than 75 restaurants throughout the country and 17 international restaurants, located in Australia, Namibia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, the Middle East and recently opened its first outlets in Cyprus and India.

Do RocoMamas burgers come with chips?

Don’t worry; these classics are your map to burger heaven. Choose a beef, chicken, southern fried chicken or veg patty. All burger meals served with fries.

How many RocoMamas are there in South Africa?

75 stores
RocoMamas is a fast-casual burger joint 70% owned by the Spur Corporation. The brand launched in 2015 and today has 75 stores throughout South Africa – and another 14 in ten other countries.

Where was RocoMamas founded?

Brian Altriche is the founder of RocoMamas. Eighteen months ago there were only three branches in Johannesburg; today there are 40 across South Africa. RocoMamas claims its “smash burger” is the country’s most Instagrammed one.

Who owns RocoMamas South Africa?

JSE-listed Spur Corporation has acquired a 51% stake in the burger start-up.

Are Rocomamas burgers vegetarian?

Yes, only with Rocomamas’ Awesome Vegan Burgers… What are you waiting for? Visit Rocomamas and enjoy our unmatched Awesome Vegan Burgers now!

Is Rocomamas gluten free?

Terri Knight‎RocoMamas You’re welcome to bring a gluten-free roll in though and we can include that in your meal.

How much was RocoMamas worth?

R400 million
RocoMamas cofounder Brian Altriche believes failure helped him achieve success. Altriche today has a net worth of over R400 million, and stores across South Africa. His first restaurant went bankrupt, he was sued by Redbull and survived a car accident on his road to success.

Who owns spur South Africa?

Spur Steak Ranches is a subsidiary of Spur Corporation, one of the largest restaurant companies in South Africa.

Is RocoMayo vegan?

Just came across your question, yes, RocoMamas Palm Grove, Durbanville caters for vegans. From preparing the food separately to vegan RocoMayo.

Are patties gluten free?

We are sorry but unfortunately our Patties Gluten Free range of products has now been discontinued. For a tasty and versatile alternative, may we suggest giving Nanna’s French style crepes a try. These are delicious and can be used for both sweet and savoury meals, desserts and entertaining. Find out more.

What is on the RocoMamas menu?

On top of the delicious burgers on the RocoMamas menu, you’ll find other items of similar style including ribs, wings, fries, salads, and plenty more. RocoMamas grew so fast, they caught the attention of some of their much larger competitors, including the famous Spur Steakhouse who serve a similar menu.

How do you order a RocoMamas Burger?

If you’ve never been to a RocoMamas before – there are two ways to order from their menu. A la carte – you choose one of the classic burger combinations which has been designed by the RocoMamas team, or you take on the art of burger creation yourself and custom build your own.

How many RocoMamas restaurants are there in South Africa?

You’ll be pleased to know, that throughout South Africa there are over 75 RocoMamas restaurants serving up their delicious smashburgers and more. Meaning you’re never too far from one of their locations, and will likely always be able to head down to their store for lunch or dinner whenever you please.

How do I order from RocoMamas?

Satisfy those #hangry cravings by ordering from your favourite RocoMamas directly from the app, track your order and just swing by to collect your smash. Scan your bill using the app and pay with your saved cards, we like to make it easy for you.