Who owns harbor distributing?

Who owns harbor distributing?

Reyes Holdings
Founded in 1976 by two brothers, Chris and Jude Reyes, Reyes Holdings remains a family-run business to this day. Reyes Holdings is now a global leader in the production and distribution of food and beverage products and continues to focus on excellence in products and service in every stage of its operations.

Who owns classic beverage?

The Sanchez family officially took over the company in 1986, and the cross-functional training fundamentals instilled by Joe still shape the way we do things today.

Who distributes Coors in California?

Bay Area Beverage is a leading Northern California distributor for Contra Costa and Alameda counties for some of the most important and exciting domestic, international and craft brands; including Coors, Miller, Heineken, Corona, Modelo, Dos Equis, Lagunitas, Ballast Point, Anchor, New Belgium, Guinness, 21st Amendment …

Who distributes Coors Light in California?

Coors Light – RJ Distributing Company.

Is Coors and Miller the same company?

The Miller Brewing Company is an American brewery and beer company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Molson Coors acquired the full global brand portfolio of Miller Brewing Company in 2016, and operates the Miller Brewery at the site of the original Miller Brewing Company complex….Miller Brewing Company.

Parent Molson Coors
Website www.molsoncoors.com

Who supplies Coors Light?

Heineken Ireland
In line with corporate strategy at the Molson Coors Beverage Company, Heineken Ireland is to rebrand Coors Light as ‘Coors’ from next March. The brand refresh will build on the ‘Keep it Fresh’ campaign which celebrates the brand’s Rocky Mountain heritage.

Is Coors American owned?

The biggest beer brands in the United States — think Budweiser, Miller and Coors — are now owned, respectively, by people in Belgium, England and Canada. The nation’s two most popular American-owned beer brands? Corona and Modelo. Both are brewed in Mexico.

Is Coors owned by Heineken?

Our brand portfolio includes Ireland’s No 1 lager, Heineken®, Heineken® Light, Heineken® 0.0%, H41, Orchard Thieves, Orchard Thieves Light, Appleman’s®, Birra Moretti, Coors Light, Murphy’s and Beamish Stouts, Desperados, Tiger, Sol and Foster’s.