Who makes chainsaw winches?

Who makes chainsaw winches?

The Lewis Chainsaw Winch is made of a rugged cast-aluminum alloy housing making it extremely strong and lightweight that is capable of up to a 4000lb. straight line pull.

How much weight can a chainsaw winch pull?

Pulling capacity depends on the size of the saw you use for power, but maximum single line pull is about 4000 lbs. If this isn’t enough, its pull can be doubled by using a snatch block and doubling back. We usually recommend powering the winch with a modern saw with an engine size of 3.0 cu.in. or larger.

How much can a Lewis winch pull?

About Lewis Winch The Lewis Winch will pull 4,000 lbs. in a straight line, and up to 8,000 lbs using one Lewis Winch Snatch Block. This is the only portable winch you need.

How much does a Lewis Winch weigh?

22 lbs.
– but the actual Lewis Winch 400MK2 weighs only 22 lbs./10 kg without the cable.

Do they make Honda chainsaws?

Honda Chainsaws Online at Amazing Prices on Flipkart.

What is a chainsaw winch used for?

The chainsaw winch is a versatile multi-purpose winching device used to haul heavy items by powering with a chainsaw motor – you remove the bar (which probably goes without saying), and just use your chainsaw powerhead. What is this? It features a long cable that’s wrapped several times around a drum.

Does Solo still make chainsaws?

Although these individuals obtained experience with the electric moped, the electric powered Solo chainsaws were not developed as well as unveiled as Solo products until 1989. Over the last twenty years and further expansion, Solo products continue to be one of the world leaders of outdoor motor products.

Do they make a 4 stroke chainsaw?

Four-cycle (or four-stroke) chainsaws do exist, though they’re usually large commercial models for loggers. You never put oil in the gas of a four-cycle machine.

What are the different types of chainsaw winches?

The most common type of winch is the Lewis winch, which is usually made of cast aluminum alloy that is both strong and lightweight. Chainsaw winches are attached to the external or internal clutch of a chainsaw, depending on the exact model.

Are Stihl chainsaws good for winches?

STIHL is one of the most successful chainsaw manufacturing brands in the market. It is a German brand that has expanded their operations worldwide. They specialize in providing the power in chainsaw power-tools. Because of their reliability and raw power, STIHL chainsaws are very good options for chainsaw winches.

How much does a Lewis 400 chainsaw winch weigh?

The Lewis 400 MK2 chainsaw winch is built to the exacting quality standards that one would want to see from a product that is probably going to outlive you. With a cast aluminum alloy body, it’s designed and built for durability and lightweight portability. It weighs 38 LBS as the complete kit.

How does a chainsaw winch work?

A chainsaw winch harnesses the revolutions per minute of a chainsaw engine and turns that energy into low-speed torque. The most common type of winch is the Lewis winch, which is usually made of cast aluminum alloy that is both strong and lightweight.