Who is the present president of All India Football Federation?

Who is the present president of All India Football Federation?

Praful PatelAll India Football Federation / PresidentPraful Manoharbhai Patel is an Indian politician. His father, Manoharbhai Patel, a Indian National Congress leader who was elected to represent Gondia Bhandara districts in Maharashtra. Wikipedia

Who is Praful Patel in Daman?

Praful Khoda Patel is an Indian politician who is currently the Administrator of Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu and Union Territory of Lakshadweep.

Who is Ranjit Bajaj?

Ranjit Bajaj, who founded Minerva Punjab Football Club in 2013, was gearing up for a rollercoaster ride into the wilderness of Indian football.

Who is CEO of FIFA?

List of presidents of FIFA

President of FIFA
Incumbent Gianni Infantino since 26 February 2016
Fédération Internationale de Football Association
Style His Excellency
Member of FIFA Council

Who is the CM of Lakshadweep?

Praful Khoda Patel
The Administrator of Lakshadweep is the Head of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep….List of administrators of Lakshadweep.

Administrator of Lakshadweep
Incumbent Praful Khoda Patel since 5 December 2020
Appointer President of India
Term length Five Years
Inaugural holder U. R. Panicker

Who is the governor of Lakshadweep?

Shri Praful Patel
Shri Praful Patel is currently the Administrator of Dadranagar and Haveli and Daman& Diu. He has taken charge as Lakshadweep Administrator from 05th Dec 2020.

Who is the present president of India?

The president of India ( IAST: Bhārat ke Rāṣṭrapati ), officially the president of the Republic of India, is the ceremonial head of state of India and the commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces. Ram Nath Kovind is the 14th and current president.

Who is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces?

The president is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces. The president can declare war or conclude peace, on the advice of the Union Council of Ministers headed by the prime minister. All important treaties and contracts are made in the president’s name.

Who was the president of India in 1992?

Venkataraman R. Venkataraman was elected as the President of India from 25 July 1987 to 25 July 1992. Earlier he was Vice-President of India from 1984 to 1987. He has received many honours from different parts of the world. He is a receiver of “Tamra Patra” for his contributions to India’s freedom struggle.

Who was the first president of India with dual title?

Mohammad Hidayatullah. Giri was the first person to have served as both an acting president and president of India. He was a recipient of the Bharat Ratna, and served as Labour and Employment Minister and High Commissioner to Ceylon (Sri Lanka).