Who is the owner of ITPL?

Who is the owner of ITPL?

Vijay Rao – Owner – itpl | LinkedIn.

How many companies are there in ITPL?

There are more than 100 companies in ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore with an employee strength of around 55,000.

When was ITPL constructed?

It was created as a result of a joint venture between India and Singapore in January 1994. It is a large facility, comprising 10 buildings — Discoverer, Innovator, Creator, Explorer, Inventor, Navigator, Voyager, Aviator, Pioneer Maadar, Victor and Anchor.

What is the full form of ITPL Bangalore?

ITPL actually stands for the initials of the park holding company, Information Technology Park Limited. Ascendas in India currently operates IT Parks and hi-tech buildings, as well as built-to-suit (BTS) and ready-built facilities (RBF).

What is the meaning of Itpl?


Acronym Definition
ITPL Information Technology Park Limited (India)
ITPL International Team Poker League (Montel Media Group league)
ITPL International Technological Park (Bangalore, India)
ITPL International Thomson Publishing, Ltd. (UK)

How many IT companies are there in Bangalore?

Bangalore boasts of having 67000 registered IT companies making it the biggest IT hub of India.

Which is the biggest IT park in Bangalore?

Which is the Largest IT/Tech Park in Bangalore? International Tech Park, more popular as ITPL is located in Whitefield, Bangalore. It is so huge that it covers a 450,000 square foot Park Square mall.

What is the meaning of ITPL?

What do you mean by technology park?

Definition of technology park : an area where companies have offices and laboratories and do work involving science and technology.

Is Whitefield a city?

Whitefield is now officially part of Bangalore city which is part of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike.

What is the full form of ITPA?

ITPA Stands For : Institute For Terrestrial And Planetary Atmospheres.

Who is the richest person of Bangalore?

As of April 2017, Forbes estimated his net worth at $2.6 billion, making him the 61st richest person in India….

Rajesh Mehta
Born 20 June 1964 Bengaluru, India
Alma mater National College, Bangalore
Known for Founder and chairman, Rajesh Exports
Spouse(s) Leena Mehta