Who is the No 1 handsome man in Pakistan?

Who is the No 1 handsome man in Pakistan?

Fawad Khan, the heartthrob of the Pakistani showbiz industry has been named among ‘100 most handsome faces’ by TC Candler in the independent critics list. Fawad Khan is adored for his charming personality and has been featured in the nominee list for the fourth time in a row.

Who is the most handsome man in the Pakistan 2021?

Pakistani actor Imran Abbas is listed among ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces 2021’ by TC Candler.

Who is No 1 handsome boy in world?

1. Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattison is a well-known Hollywood actor who rose to prominence as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. With a 92.15 per cent perfect face structure, he is the most attractive man on the planet.

Who is Pakistan No 1 actor?

Arbaaz Khan is most Famous actor in Pakistan.

Who is cutest in Pakistan?

DESIblitz looks at some of Pakistan’s most handsome men.

  • Fawad Khan. Whether it is his piercing eyes, impeccable style or stylish beard, Fawad’s impressive looks make women all over the world swoon.
  • Bilal Ashraf.
  • Shahzad Noor.
  • Ahsan Khan.
  • Shaan.
  • Imran Abbas Naqvi.
  • Mikaal Zulfikar.

Who is No 1 actor in Pakistan?

Top Pakistani Male Actors Include Fawad Khan Fawad khan is the most famous Pakistani actor and was born on November 29, 1981.

Who is famous actor in Pakistan?

Who is the most handsome boy of 2020?

Hrithik Roshan is the World most handsome man for the year 2020.

Who is worldwide handsome in 2022?

BTS Jungkook won the most handsome man 2022 title by king choice’s followed by Cha Eun Woo, Kim Seokjin & Kim Taehyung.

Who is Pakistan famous hero?

Arbaaz Khan is most Famous actor in Pakistan. And he has debut in 1996’s film Ghunghat.

Who is best actress in Pakistan?

Pakistani Actresses-Top 5 Highest Paid Actresses Like Iqra Aziz

  • Mahira Khan.
  • Saba Qamar.
  • Mehwish Hayat.
  • Sanam Baloch.
  • Iqra Aziz – Pakistani Serial Actress.

Who are Pakistan’s 35 most handsome men?

Pakistan’s 35 most handsome men alive 2020 1 | Shahid Afridi 2 | Ahsan Khan 3 | Zahid Ahmed 4 | Shoaib Malik 5 | Amir Khan 6 | Bilal Lashari 7 | Bilal Ashraf 8 | Abdullah Ejaz 9 | Aimal Khan 10 | Fawad Khan

Are Pakistani men the 3rd hottest men in the world?

Till this date, Pakistani men actually feel pride on being 3rd on the list. Voted by a travel website called MissTravel, Pakistani men were ranked as 3rd hottest men in the world, whereas Australian men ranked 2nd and Irish men topped the list.

Do Pakistani men feel pride in being 3rd on the list?

In the same year, Ali Zafar and Fawad Khan were on the list of Top 10 Sexiest Asian Men in the world. Till this date, Pakistani men actually feel pride on being 3rd on the list.

Who is the 7th most handsome guy in the world?

The 7th handsome guy in the world is the Chinese actor Xiao Zhan. He won the handsome guy championship in the Asia-Pacific region, but he dropped a few places in the global rankings.