Who is the most traded person in NBA history?

Who is the most traded person in NBA history?

Here are the five most frequently moved players in NBA history.

  1. Trevor Ariza (traded 9 times)
  2. Dale Ellis (traded 8 times)
  3. Chris Gatling (traded 8 times)
  4. Sam Cassell (traded 7 times)
  5. Marcus Camby (traded 7 times)

Which NBA player has been on the most teams?

5 current NBA players who have played for the most number of…

  • Ish Smith (11 teams) Ish Smith has played for 11 NBA teams in his career so far.
  • Anthony Tolliver (11 teams) Anthony Tolliver has also played for 11 teams throughout his NBA career.
  • Trevor Ariza (10 teams)
  • Jeff Green (10 teams)
  • Garrett Temple (9 teams)

Who was traded a record 9 times in his career NBA?

You could almost say that Chris Gatling was traded nine times as the pick that was used on him in the 1991 NBA draft was sent to Golden State by Philadelphia in the transaction that landed the 76ers Manute Bol the year before.

What happened to Trevor Ariza?

Los Angeles Lakers forward Trevor Ariza has missed the entire 2021-22 NBA regular season to this point as he recuperates from an offseason ankle surgery. But all that could be changing soon. The 6’8″ forward, an 18-year NBA veteran, has apparently passed another checkpoint en route to his eventual return to action.

Is Trevor Ariza the most traded player in NBA history?

When it comes to the weirdest part of the job, Trevor Ariza happens to be the world’s leading expert. He understands better than anybody what it’s really like to be traded: Trevor Ariza has been traded more than any player in the NBA, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of Pro Sports Transactions data.

Who has the shortest NBA career?

The shortest career in NBA history: JamesOn Curry’s 3.9 seconds…

  • Curry worked hard there and attracted interest from the Clippers, who offered him his official debut in the NBA.
  • Curry gave a false name to the police and he had to spend 10 weekends working in jail and doing extra hours of social work.

What teams has Ish Smith played for?

Washington WizardsIsh Smith / Current team (#4 / Point guard)

What NBA player has been traded the most times?

Trevor Ariza – 9. With the recent trade that landed Ariza with the Miami Heat,he will now be playing for his 10th team in the NBA.

  • Chris Gatling – 8. Gatling may be more known as one of the first NBA players to regularly wear headbands on the court.
  • Dale Ellis – 8. Ellis is undoubtedly the best player in this list.
  • Marcus Camby – 7.
  • Sam Cassell – 7.
  • Which NBA player gets paid the least?

    – Basketball: James Harden (Houston) and John Wall (Washington) tie – $42.3 million. – Baseball: Mike Trout (Los Angeles) – $35.8 million. – Football: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay) – $33.5 million. – Hockey: Connor McDavid (Edmonton) – $12.5 million. – Soccer: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Los Angeles) – $7.2 million.

    Who is the next NBA star to be traded?

    NBA trade season: Bradley Beal, Kyle Lowry most likely to be traded next after James Harden-Nets deal It’s only a matter of time until the next superstar forces his way out of town By Sam Quinn

    Which baseball player was traded the most times?

    The most traded players in MLB history. Cameron Maybin. (Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire) Jason Ence. May 20th, 2021. No major American professional sport features more trades than baseball, in large part because of the large rosters, minor leagues, and 162-game seasons. Let’s take a look at the five players who have seen their address