Who is the meanest cat in warrior cats?

Who is the meanest cat in warrior cats?

Silverheart (RC)

  • Flamesnout.
  • Haytchergutz: The Meanest Cat Ever.
  • Silverpelt’s Terror.
  • Seabreeze.
  • Is Tigerheart related to Tigerstar?

    okay, she is related to tigerheart because squirelflight was mates with bramblestar, and he was related to tigerstar, and tigerheart was tigerstar’s grandson.

    Is Mapleshade bad?

    Mapleshade is not truly evil. It all started when Ravenwing revealed that her kits were actually Appledusk’s. Then, she was banished from the Clan. If you consider her evil for loving a RiverClan warrior, think again.

    What happened Mapleshade?

    Oakstar banished Mapleshade, and her troubles became worse when her kits drowned in the river following her attempt to escape to RiverClan. Appledusk blames Mapleshade for getting their kits drowned, and turns Mapleshade away.

    Is Hawkfrost evil warrior cats?

    Type of Villain Hawkfrost is a major antagonist in Erin Hunter’s Warriors book series. He is a Dark Forest resident, formerly RiverClan Warrior, son of Tigerstar and Sasha, brother of Mothwing and Tadpole and half-brother of Bramblestar and Tawnypelt.

    Why did pinestar become a Kittypet?

    Trying to hide what he had been doing, the leader lied that he was acting as a kittypet to avoid fights after going through one beforehand. The next invasion by RiverClan caused Pinestar to leave his Clan, his mate, Leopardfoot, and his kits behind and become a kittypet after he granted Sunfall leadership of his Clan.

    Is Tigerstar good or bad?

    Tigerstar, formerly known as Tigerclaw, is a major villain in Erin Hunter’s Warriors book series. He is the main antagonist of the first five books of the story arc “The Prophecies Begin”, and one of the main antagonists of the “Omen of the Stars” story arc.

    What are Tigerstar’s last words before he dies?

    When you’re dead, I can rule the Clans or kill them. ~ Tigerstar’s last words before his death during final confrontation with Firestar. Tigerstar, formerly known as Tigerclaw, is the main antagonist of the Warriors book franchise and archenemy of Firestar.

    What happened to Tigerstar in dark forest?

    However, after allying himself with BloodClan, a large of violent stray cats from the human city, Tigerstar was betrayed and slain by their leader, Scourge. After his death, Tigerstar joined Mapleshade in the Dark Forest.

    Is Mapleshade a good villain?

    Trivia 1 Mapleshade is listed number 4 on the Best of the Worst list of Warriors villains. 2 Mapleshade is one of the few major female villains in the Warriors series. 3 During her exile, Mapleshade had visions of her drowned kits, initially wailing for help and then urging her to commit murder.