Who is married in the Vamps?

Who is married in the Vamps?

Kirstie Brittain
The Vamps’ James McVey announced that he tied the knot with model girlfriend, Kirstie Brittain, at the weekend (October 30-31). The couple chose the beautiful backdrop of Lulworth Castle to have their special ceremony with the lead guitarist sharing plenty of snaps of his wedding to social media.

How old is Brad the vamps?

26 years (July 28, 1995)Bradley Simpson / Age

Are the vamps still active?

The Vamps have also launched their own record label, Steady Records, and they are working in partnership with EMI/Universal….The Vamps (British band)

The Vamps
Years active 2012–present
Labels Mercury Virgin EMI Island
Associated acts Matoma Krept and Konan Shawn Mendes Demi Lovato Machine Gun Kelly
Website thevamps.net

How tall is James from The Vamps?

James McVey Height and Weight James stands at a height of 5 ft 11.5 inches (1.82m) and has a weight of 68kg (150lbs) with light brown hair and blue eye with an athletic body.

How many fans do The Vamps have?

All their accounts add up to a total of almost 12 million followers! That means across all their social networks, The Vamps have over 24 million followers!?

How did James Mcvey meet Kirstie Brittain?

It was at one of William and Harry’s old haunts, Mayfair nightclub Mahiki, that James and Kirstie first met more than four years ago, at her model agency’s London Fashion Week afterparty. “For me it was love at first sight, but she wasn’t bothered,” said James.

How long have James Mcvey and Kirstie Brittain been together?

The Vamps star previously spoke to the Mirror about how he and Kirstie are stronger than ever after a ‘blip’ at the start of their four-year romance.

What are The Vamps female fans called?

So you may already know that fans of The Vamps are called Vampettes, but we bet you didn’t know that their male fans call themselves Vampions!