Who is Jung Hyuk?

Who is Jung Hyuk?

Lee Jung-hyuk is a South Korean actor and model. He is known for his in dramas such as I Can Hear Your Voice, On the Way to the Airport and he is also known for his roles in movies such as Fists of Legend….About: Lee Jung-hyuk.

Property Value
dbp:occupation Actor, Model (en)
dbp:otherNames Lee Jung-sub (en)

Is Lee Soo Hyuk Russian?

Lee Soo-hyuk (Korean: 이수혁; born Lee Hyuk-soo on May 31, 1988) is a South Korean model and actor.

How old is Yoo Jonghyuk?

I haven’t read the manhwa in full along with the novel and from what I gathered from the wiki, Dokja is 28, born Feb. 15 and Joonghyuk is 28, born Aug. 3.

Why is Jonghyuk called sunfish?

Kim Dokja often refers to Yoo Joonghyuk as a sunfish. This is likely a reference to the game “Survive! Mola Mola” (mola mola is another name for a sunfish). In the game, you have to keep a sunfish alive and escape the dangers of the sea.