Who is ITV weather presenter Emma Cooper?

Who is ITV weather presenter Emma Cooper?

Frequently recognised for her sunny “Bye Bye” sign-off, Emma is one of the longest serving weather presenters at ITV. She started as a colourful, quirky regular on national breakfast television, and has had her head in the clouds – and ITV Weather regions – since 1992, also presenting countryside programmes.

Who is UTV News’weather presenter?

Her career at UTV started in 2015 as a Content Editor. Here Louise would plan and develop the day’s news agenda. Weather stories often became the news and it was from here that Louise’s interest in meteorology grew. Louise was appointed as UTV News’s Weather Presenter in April 2021.

Who is ITV Cymru weather presenter Kelsey Haywood?

After graduating from Aberystwyth University, she then gained a postgraduate diploma at the Cardiff School of Journalism, before joining ITV Cymru Wales as a Production Journalist. In 2017, Kelsey became part of the weather team and has loved every minute of it.

Who is ITV weather presenter Aisling Hovey?

She joined ITV in 2017 as a weather presenter for ITV Anglia and UTV. Aisling sits on the board of the Royal Meteorological Society and is interested in helping younger people with careers in science. When Aisling is not in the office she is busy running around after her two young boys who don’t seem one bit interested in the weather!

Who is UTV weather presenter Louise Minchin?

Louise was appointed as UTV News’s Weather Presenter in April 2021. Lucy is part of the ITV National Weather team and has often presented weather forecasts for ITV Sport coverage and Good Morning Britain.

Who is new Tyne Tees presenter Amy Lea?

ITV News Tyne Tees has unveiled its new presenter – Amy Lea! She’ll join Ian Payne on-screen from 29th March to present the evening news programme at 6pm. Here’s a introduction to Amy – how she got to where she is now, and some of her career highlights.