Who is guru of Bogar?

Who is guru of Bogar?

Kalangi Nathar was a Tamil Siddhar and the guru of Bhogar (or Bhogarnadhar).

Who wrote Bogar 7000?

The author S. Chandrasekar gives an introduction to the content of each chapter in Bogar-7000.

Who built Palani?

The idol of the Muruga in Palani was created and consecrated by sage Bogar, one of Hinduism’s eighteen great siddhaars, out of an amalgam of nine poisonous herbs or Navapashanam….Dhandayuthapani Temple.

Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple
Creator Bogar

What is Navapashanam made of?

Navapashanam is an amalgam of nine poisonous herbs using a closely guarded ancient secret formula by master siddha alchemist and made into a miraculous alchemical bead said to possess powerful energies excellent for the physical body after wearing it or drinking the water.

Is Bogar from China?

He received his education from his mother and his grand father described in several traditions and texts. Bogar himself describes his native roots in his book “Bogar 7000”. Bogar went from Tamil Nadu to China and taught about enlightenment, this is also mentioned in his book Bogar 7000.

Is Lao Tzu Bogar?

confusius states Today I have met Lao-Tzu bo-yang (bogan), who is perhaps like a Dragon.” KayaKalpa. At some point Bogan visited Kataragama. This immortal is the guru of Babaji ( the immortal holy saint mentioned in the “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda.

Is Bogar a Chinese?

How many Navapashanam statues are there?

With the consultation of Agasthiyar (Father of Ayurvedic Medicine) and other siddhars, Bogar mixed nine poisons (Navapashanam) and made the Master Medicine in the form of the Lord Murugan idol which is currently worshiped at Palani Murugan temple.

Which God is Palani?

Lord Murugan
The Palani Murugan Temple or Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple (Thiru Avinankudi), dedicated to Lord Murugan is situated on a hill overlooking the town. The temple is visited by more than 7 million pilgrims each year.

How old is Palani?

Palani Temple History can easily go past several thousand years. Palani is the most famous and prominant place among Murugan’s six houses. Among many spiritual legends about Palani two of them are very popular, 1) Idumban placed the hill here and unable to take it back because of Murugan’s presence in the hill.

What is Navapashanam in English?

Navapashanam is one of the most acclaimed Siddha elixirs known to mankind. Nava means nine and Pashanam means poisonous substance. A dark hour, a dark age where people will suffer and die from many diseases never even known to mankind, has been predicted.

How many Sithargal are there?

Siddhars. The Abithana Chintamani encyclopedia states that the Siddhars are of the 18 persons listed below, but sage Agastya states that there are many who precede and follow these.

What is the significance of Bogar 12000?

Another magnificent work Bogar 12000 is said to contain minute details of nuclear products, fission, fusion; ambrosia for all diseases to occur in kaliyuga, constructing special planes to outer planets, existence of aliens, geo properties of Jupiter and Mars, acoustics, metrology, land survey and other related branches of science and technology.

Is Bogar the first Aathi Siddha?

Other rishis acclaimed that there is no scientist to match his wisdom on earth, as sage Agasthya has certified Bogar as the flying Aathi siddha (though Lord Shiva is the first Aadhi siddha). Bogar had extensively travelled to many continents

Who was Bogar?

With reverential obeisance to the holy feet of my beloved guru BOGAR, I take this moment to showcase his technical inventions and scientific experiments. The mystic man Bogar is considered to be one of the 18 siddha purushas of the siddha lineage in South India.

Why Sathuragiri is the head quarters of all Siddhas?

He had said that Sathuragiri is the head quarters of all siddhas. A hilly terrain situated in the Srivilliputhur taluk of Tamilnadu, it is the abode of Lord Shiva that is respected equally to Mount Kailash. Siddha Bogar had fathomed the essence of the works of seniors and contemporaries.