Who is behind the shapeshifters in fringe?

Who is behind the shapeshifters in fringe?

William Bell
They were discovered by Fringe Division. Several Human Shifters appeared in the Prime Universe one week after both worlds began working together. Human Shifters differ from Shape-Shifters in that they are part human. They were created by David Robert Jones and William Bell.

How is a shapeshifter created?

Shapeshifters, along with rugarus, are one of the few monsters shown so far that reproduce almost solely by sexual contact with a human. The offspring that results is assured to be a shifter.

What is the pattern on Fringe?

The Pattern is the codename given to unexplained phenomena, also known as “Fringe Events”, under investigation by Fringe Division, a special branch of the Department of Homeland Security. Headed by Phillip Broyles, it consists of Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Walter Bishop, and Astrid Farnsworth .

Who is the main villain in fringe?

David Robert Jones
David Robert Jones is a villain from the TV show Fringe, serving as the main antagonist of the first season. He is a biochemist and former employee of William Bell and the Massive Dynamics corporation, a connection that wasn’t revealed until the season one finale.

Who is David Robert Jones in fringe?

Jared Harris
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What shapeshift is God?

Proteus was noted among the gods for his shapeshifting; both Menelaus and Aristaeus seized him to win information from him, and succeeded only because they held on during his various changes.

Who are the shapeshifters?

Shapeshifters are inorganic, human hybrids from the Alternate Universe. Also known as the First Wave, the shapeshifters were created with the aid of William Bell to infiltrate the Prime Universe and lay the groundwork for a full-scale invasion that would result in the destruction of the Prime Universe in favor…

How do Shapeshifters flip switches?

Flipping a switch allows the shifter to take on the likeness of their victim. This technology allows the shapeshifters to be anyone at anytime, making it nearly impossible to identify them.

What was the first wave of shapeshifters?

The First Wave of shapeshifters were used in the Original Timeline. After David Robert Jones crossed over the Other Side in the Alternate Timeline however, he and William Bell began working on a new species of shapeshifter, Human Shapeshifters . Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

Why did the alternate universe need the shapeshifters?

The Alternate Universe, believing that Walter’s initial actions in 1985 that caused devastating destruction were the first actions in a coming war that would see one of the universes completely destroyed, deployed the shapeshifters to ensure that it was their universe that survived.