Who is Alicia Webb married to?

Who is Alicia Webb married to?

Webb was married to Marcello DelGrosso.

Who is Shamrocks sister?

Ken And Ryan Shamrock (Brother And Sister) Alicia Webb debuted in the WWF playing the role of Ken Shamrock’s younger sister, Ryan. Fans were then told that she had starred in Val Venis’s newest pornographic film, Shaving Ryan’s Privates.

What is WCW called now?

World Championship Wrestling

(Top) The original WCW logo, (Bottom) The logo used from 1999 to 2001
Trade name World Championship Wrestling
Fate Deactivated and renamed by AOL Time Warner, later merged with Turner Broadcasting System; selected assets purchased by the WWF
Successor WCW Inc. Turner Broadcasting System

Who was Val Venis manager?

Val’s manager, Stratus, inadvertently lost Venis’ Intercontinental title to Chyna in a mixed tag team match involving the pair against the team of Chyna and Eddie Guerrero at SummerSlam.

Is WCW and WWF the same?

Sometimes you hear it called WWF by those far out of the loop, but it’s the same company either way. However back in the ’90s, two names, even three were thrown out. That being WWF, WCW and ECW.

Did WWE buy ECW?

Wrestlers that were assigned to ECW primarily appeared on the brand’s weekly television program, ECW. The brand was established as a relaunch of the former Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion, the assets of which WWE acquired in 2003.

Why did Ted Turner sell WCW?

They didn’t know what they had and it was a billion dollar business. Turner knew it, the fans knew it, it seemed everyone knew it but AOL. Because they felt it was a bit low brow and wouldn’t fit with their image. They decided to sell the company.

Who was Dusty Rhodes valet?

Juanita Wright (October 24, 1934 – September 10, 1996) was a professional wrestling valet and wrestler best known as “Sweet” Sapphire in the World Wrestling Federation where she managed Dusty Rhodes in 1989 and 1990.

What is Symphony real name in WWE?

Alicia Nicole Webb (born May 4, 1979) is a retired American professional wrestling valet. She is known for her time with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) during 1999 as Ryan Shamrock. She is also known for appearing on the Independent circuit under her real name and in World Championship Wrestling as Symphony .

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