Who has the most Aegyo in Twice?

Who has the most Aegyo in Twice?

Lastly, TWICE was asked which member has the most aegyo. In first place was Momo, who gave her vote to Sana. Nayeon added, “Momo has a cute way of talking, while Sana has a lot of aegyo.” Sana replied by showing off some of her adorable aegyo, which had all the members laughing.

What was Chaeyoung nickname?

Strawberry Princess
Her childhood nickname is called “Strawberry Princess” because she loves strawberries.

What is Tzuyu and Chaeyoung ship name?


Twice Nayeon Tzuyu
Mina Minayeon Mitzu
Dahyun DaYeon DaTzu
Chaeyoung NaChaeng ChaeTzu
Tzuyu Natzu

What is Twice Sana nickname?

SanaSana / Nickname
She was given the nickname “Osaka’s honey punch” by fans because she puts her fist up when she gets angry. Sana means “you” in Turkish.

Who is the best performer in twice?

Sana is the best performer of twice.

Is Sana’a good singer?

Sana isn’t a weak vocal at all. In fact, she’s improved alot since Twice’s debut, and has managed to maintain stable vocals when singing live. Often Tzuyu is considered one of Twice’s most stable vocals. Her voice has a soft and sweet sound to it which makes it quite pleasant to hear.

Did Twice go to school?

Chaeyoung and Tzuyu from K-pop group TWICE said a final goodbye to their high school days when they graduated on Tuesday. The stars told fans through the nine-member band’s Instagram site about their graduation from Hanlim Multi Arts School in Jangji-dong, in Seoul’s Songpa-gu District.

What is Mina favorite color?

– She likes the colors purple and indigo. – When Mina can’t sleep, she goes on her phone.

Does Twice Nayeon have a sister?

Im Seo-yoonNayeon / Sister

Who is Momo closest to in Twice?

Sana and Momo are obviously the closest, since they both started their journey together. They were just 15 and have graduated middle school when they flew to a foreign country to start their traineeship, far away from their friends and family, without speaking the language.

What is Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon ship name?

Ship Names

No. OTP Name Full OTP Name
14 NoJamHyungs Jeongyeon x Chaeyoung
15 JeongTzu Jeongyeon x Tzuyu
16 MoSa Momo x Sana
17 ??? Momo x Jihyo

Who is the second dancer in Twice?

Mina is the second Best dancer in TWICE due to her 11 years of training in Ballet. Mina has often showcased her ballet and she often dances with Momo. Despite her skill, Mina’s dancing doesn’t get the attention that it should.

Did twice do the ACHOO aegyo dance?

TWICE Surprises Fans by Doing Tzuyu’s “Achoo” Aegyo During Alcohol-Free TWICE ended music show promotions for “Alcohol-Free” on SBS’s “Inkigayo” on Sunday, June 20. TWICE made some slight variations to the dance to say goodbye to this era, which received love and support from fans.

Did Tzuyu say yes to doing aegyo?

On the show, Tzuyu had said “yes” to doing aegyo unknowingly and surprised both fans and members when she did an “Achoo” aegyo. It was loved by both fans and members, who praised the idol for her cuteness.

Who is the creator of the legendary aegyo’Achoo’?

Tzuyu, the creator of the legendary aegyo, first showcased the “Achoo” aegyo during the second pre-chorus. Then, she did it once more during the final chorus of the song. Sana, the master of aegyo, showed off the aegyo during the second chorus.

What is the dance that twice do in Goodbye?

TWICE made some slight variations to the dance to say goodbye to this era, which received love and support from fans. During their solo scenes, the members each took turns doing Tzuyu’s “Achoo” aegyo, which she first showed during the group’s reality show, “TIME to TWICE.”