Who did Pettis Showtime kick?

Who did Pettis Showtime kick?

‘Showtime’ won the bout and the WEC lightweight title, but the fight will forever live in history due to a flashy moment in the fifth round. Pettis ran off the side of the cage and knocked down Henderson with a kick to the face.

When did Anthony Pettis do the Showtime kick?

#OnThisDay in 2010 Showtime Pettis gave us the Showtime Kick™️!

How do you do the Anthony Pettis Showtime kick in UFC 4?

Make sure there is enough distance between Pettis and his opponent. Press L1, R1, and either X or circle depending on which leg is on the outside. This will then initiate the Showtime Kick.

Who did Anthony Pettis kick off the cage?

Benson Henderson
With just one minute remaining in the final round of the championship bout, Pettis defied all laws of physics by jumping off the cage to deliver an airbourne head kick which caught Benson Henderson flush in the face.

What round was the Showtime kick?

The Showtime Kick Shocks The World 🌎 #OnThisDay 11 years ago, Anthony Pettis landed the iconic Showtime kick on his way to a win at WEC 53.

How do you jump knee in UFC 4?

To throw a Running Flying Knee, quickly press ^RT^ + ^A^ or ^B^ while running (depending on stance), with fighters who have a flying knee at Level 3 or above.

Can you jump off the cage in UFC?

It’s all about positioning but the button combination is RB + LS towards opponent + A/B/X/Y (depending on what strike you want to throw).

Can you kick off the cage in UFC?

Under the Unified Rules, it is illegal to hold or grasp the fence/ring ropes. Cage walking from an inferior position to reverse or stand is permitted. Pressing an opponent to the cage to work a position or technique also is permissible. Let’s look at the other end of the spectrum: jumping off the top of the structure.

Who is showtime in UFC?

Anthony Pettis. After putting together back-to-back victories in the Octagon in 2020, Pettis left the UFC and signed with the PFL. Despite his status as a perennially elite competitor, he was met with obstacles in his first two PFL fights, both of which were losses.

How do you touch gloves in UFC 4?

Touching gloves is much like it was in UFC 3. Simply hold in LT (or L2, depending on console of choice) and approach your opponent at the very start of the round. If they don’t hold out their own hand to touch gloves, you’ll have to notice fast, or you’ll approach and give a scummy player a free shot.

How do you superman punch in UFC 4?

Below, you can find the full list of striking controls in UFC 4, including the stand-up fighting controls and how to defend while on your feet….Full UFC 4 striking controls on PS4 and Xbox One.

Advanced Striking PS4 Xbox One
Back Superman Punch L1 + Triangle + O (tap) LB + Y + B (tap)