Who bought Centre Point school Nagpur?

Who bought Centre Point school Nagpur?

The school was founded in the late 80s by Aruna Upadhyaya, daughter of the late Union minister NKP Salve. Since 2011, the group has been actively managed by her elder daughter Radhika Rajwade along with husband Jaisingh. It was under Radhika that the school expanded to include the Cambridge board in its portfolio.

Who is the owner of Centre Point school?

Aruna Upadhyaya
Aruna Upadhyaya, its Founder & Director. The school is a manifestation of her visionary zeal and her philosophy of providing quality education to children in a student-friendly ambience.

How many schools are there in Nagpur?

List of Schools – (23) Schools Found

School Name Type District
Central India Public School PUBLIC NAGPUR
K. John Public School PUBLIC NAGPUR
Lalita Public School PUBLIC NAGPUR
M.k.h. Sancheti Public School PUBLIC NAGPUR

What is the meaning of Center Point?

the middle point, as the point within a circle or sphere equally distant from all points of the circumference or surface, or the point within a regular polygon equally distant from the vertices. a point, pivot, axis, etc., around which anything rotates or revolves: The sun is the center of the solar system.

Which of the following is the center point of education?

So, the child is the centre point of a lesson plan. A lesson plan is a title given to a statement of all achievements to be realized and the specific means by which these are to be attained as a result of the activities engaged day to day under the guidance of the teacher.

How do I find my school index number in Maharashtra?

Steps to get your schools UDISE number : Step 1 : Open website www.schoolreportcards.in in your browser. Step 2 : Find the tab / menu LOCATE SCHOOL near HOME menu. Step 3 : Click on it. You will see that there is a FORM with multiple fields.

Is Nagpur cheaper than Pune?

Cost of living in Nagpur (India) is 4% cheaper than in Pune (India)

Is Nagpur safe to live?

In the latest rankings of 100 developing smart cities given by the Union Ministry of Urban Development, Nagpur stood first in Maharashtra state and second in India. Known as the “Orange City”, Nagpur has officially become the greenest, safest, and technologically developed city in the Maharashtra state.

Why Centre Point School Nagpur?

The schools are equipped with State of Art Infrastructure, trained and dedicated faculty for ensuring the holistic development of the students. Centre Point School on Katol Road, nestled amidst the verdant Seminary Hills of Nagpur, was established in 1988.

What makes Centre Point School unique?

The school is also a British Council’s International Scholl Awardee. Spread over a sprawling 9 acres of land, The Centre Point School, Wardhaman Nagar building is specially designed to have the theme of a European castle, so as to fire the imagination of children, which is the very basis of good education.

What is the air conditioning like at Centre Point School International?

Welcome to the Centre Point School International ! The school building has a chiller based air conditioning system with purified and fresh air circulation using treated fresh air (TFA). We will have approximately 100KW of rooftop solar power, which will cater to over 70% of our power needs.