Who are Monsieur Morissot and Monsieur Sauvage?

Who are Monsieur Morissot and Monsieur Sauvage?

Morissot is a watchmaker and Sauvage is a draper, or tailor, and they used to fish together regularly. These two are the main characters, or participants in the story. They get a password from the colonel and leave the city to go fishing but are captured by Germans and killed when they refuse to give up their password.

What are Monsieur Sauvage and Morissot attitudes toward war?

Each man provides a slightly different viewpoint on war. Monsieur Sauvage believes the Republic would not have declared a war. Monsieur Morissot believes that the king Napoleon III brings foreign wars, while a republic brings civil war.

Who is described as a stout jolly little man in Two Friends?

Every Sunday he met in this very spot Monsieur Sauvage, a stout, jolly, little man, a draper in the Rue Notre Dame de Lorette, and also an ardent fisherman. They often spent half the day side by side, rod in hand and feet dangling over the water, and a warm friendship had sprung up between the two.

Who is the protagonist in Two Friends?

Plot. The story opens in Paris in January 1871, at the height of Siege of Paris, and introduces the main character, Monsieur Morissot, a watchmaker who has enrolled in the National Guard.

Why do Morissot and Sauvage refuse to offer the Prussian officer a password?

Although Morissot knew the password, he refused to say it because he did not want to endanger his friend. This shows that even though they had some disagreements, Morissot would rather die for his friend than betray him.

How does Sauvage respond when Morissot expresses his fears about getting caught by the Prussians?

When Morissot worries that they might meet the enemy, Sauvage jokes that they would simply “offer them some fish.” His “Parisian light-heartedness,” the narrator notes, rises to the surface to comfort both himself and his friend.

What is so ironic about the ending of Two Friends?

What is ironic about the end of the story? The prussian eats the two friends fish. What city is under siege?