Which is the longest K-drama?

Which is the longest K-drama?

K-drama fans will recognize actor Park for his role in the short drama Seven First Kisses. Heaven & Earth makes the list as one of the longest-running K-dramas with 167 episodes in one season.

What is the most popular Kdrama on Netflix?

Most-Watched K-Dramas on Netflix in 2022

  1. All of Us are Dead. Overall number in top 10s: #1.
  2. Our Beloved Summer. Overall number in top 10s: #19.
  3. Squid Game. Overall number in top 10s: #30.
  4. The Silent Sea. Overall number in top 10s: #32.
  5. Crash Landing on You.
  6. Forecasting Love and Weather.
  7. Itaewon Class.
  8. Twenty Five Twenty One.

Is maids the Best Drama this year?

dramas that very common in synopsis and the story is boring,not interesting. MAIDS drama is the best drama that you must be to support and vote by this year, by december is the coming voting for the top 8 poll closed and after that is for the best drama. so please vote MAIDS coming this december for the best drama this year.

Who are the actors in more than a maid?

More Than a Maid ( Korean : 하녀들; RR : Hanyeodeul; lit. Maids) is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Jeong Yu-mi, Oh Ji-ho, Kim Dong-wook, Lee Si-a, Jeon So-min and Lee Yi-kyung.

What is the plot of the movie The Maid?

The Maid tells the story of Jack, an emotionally troubled teenager living in the US, who travels to England to spend his upcoming birthday with his estranged dad, hoping to salvage their fragile relationship. Arriving at his dad’s house, he is introduced to Maria, the beautiful and mysterious older foreign woman working there.

What happened to the girl who died on the maids set?

In a tragic accident on the set of JTBC drama Maids on December 13, a female crew member lost her life when the studio erupted in flames. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but a member of the production team has offered a public apology for the accident.