Which is the best skill tree for pyromancer?

Which is the best skill tree for pyromancer?

The three best skills to use with the Fire Storm Pyromancer subclass are Heatwave, Overheat, and F.A.S.E.R Beam. Heatwave will be the bread and butter of the build. It’s an Ignite skill summons a wall of fire that shoots out in front of you and inflicts Burn to all enemies in its path.

Is the pyromancer a good class in outriders?

The best Outriders Pyromancer build Outriders’ resident mid-range class is in a great spot. It has several viable builds and methodologies. In many ways, it may be the most versatile class out there. You can certainly spec towards weapon damage and make use of Volcanic Rounds.

What is the best build in outriders?

Outriders: Every Class Build Ranked From Worst To Best (Updated For New Horizon)

  1. 1 Reaver – Trickster.
  2. 2 Warden – Devastator.
  3. 3 Tech Shaman – Technomancer.
  4. 4 Ash Breaker – Pyromancer.
  5. 5 Seismic Shifter – Devastator.
  6. 6 Harbinger – Trickster.
  7. 7 Demolisher – Technomancer.
  8. 8 Tempest – Pyromancer.

What is the best weapon for a pyromancer Outriders?

Outriders: Best Weapons For The Pyromancer

  1. 1 General Weapon Tips For The Pyromancer.
  2. 2 Bolt & Thunder, Legendary Pistols.
  3. 3 The Wicker, Legendary SMG.
  4. 4 Grim Marrow, Legendary LMG.
  5. 5 Shelrog’s Excrescence, Legendary Double Gun.
  6. 6 Voodoo Matchmaker, Legendary Assault Rifle.
  7. 7 The Inferno Seed, Legendary Assault Rifle.

What skills should a pyromancer have?

Pyromancer skills

Skill name Skill type Cooldown duration
Feed the Flames Immobilize 17 seconds
Thermal Bomb Explosive 14 seconds
Overheat Explosive 22 seconds
Volcanic Rounds Ignite 23 seconds

Is the wicker good outriders?

Outriders Easiest Legendary Weapon: The Wicker The Wicker is an SMG in Outriders that offers incredibly high damage output and fantastic stability to ensure all of its shots land on target.

What mods to use with a pyromancer?

List of Pyromancer Mods

Mod Tier Description
Detonator III Overheat: Decreases the skill’s cooldown by 50%.
Double Fun III Thermal Bomb: The skill can affect two targets
ETNA III Eruption: The skill can be activated 1 more time before triggering the cooldown.
Fire Tsunami III Heatwave: Increase the width of the fire wall.

What’s the best build for pyromancer in outriders?

The best Tempest Pyromancer build in Outriders If you’re playing the Tempest tree, the best build available is one that was crafted by the developers at People Can Fly. It’s called the Fire Witch build. They first shared it on Twitter in the weeks leading up to Outriders’ launch.

Does eruption cause burn outriders?

Even for the longer-range players, it ruined the action though. For example, when killed with Eruption, enemies explode and burn – it’s really satisfying to watch. But the excessive effects on the power meant you couldn’t see all the enemies bursting and limbs flying.

What is the best weapon for a pyromancer outriders?

How do you use the pyromancer skill?

The Pyromancer creates a fiery wave, dealing damage and burning enemies in its path. Tags: Ignite, Burn | Earned at level 2. Notes: best used for Mobbing, Strongest with the Fire Storm or Tempest branches of the Skill Tree. Select and pull and enemy towards you.

What is the outriders Pyromancer guide?

This is a dedicated Outriders Pyromancer Guide. We’ll be covering everything from skills to builds, and all in between. The guide is designed to help you get started, show you the basics, teach you how to play the class to its highest potential and what are the best and most useful builds for the early, midgame and endgame!

Is Pyromancer a burst or damage class?

They can be very burst focused or focused on high DPS, depending on how you build them. While being a mostly damage focused class, the Pyromancer has tamed their flames into a very controlled force, using it both offensively and defensively to open many build options.

What are the best stats for a pyro build?

Since this builds is focused on weapon usage and Pyro doesn’t get too many Firepower buffs, we want to stack it as high as it can go for more DPS from our weapons. Our secondary stats should be Skill Life Leech and Long Range Damage. Skill Leech will let us heal from the mass burning cause by Volcanic Rounds and Overheat, giving us decent sustain.