Which is correct Conversate or Converse?

Which is correct Conversate or Converse?

Converse functions as a noun, adjective, and verb, and conversate is synonymous with only one sense of the verb use of converse (“to exchange thoughts and opinions in speech”). Furthermore, conversate is a nonstandard form, and widely frowned upon in formal writing.

When did Conversate become a word?

Conversate Origins Occurrences of the term have been found in documents dating back to the mid 1800s. The term was used in spoken communication, primarily among members of the African American community, long before that.

What is a Converse person?

a : to have acquaintance or familiarity. b : to become occupied or engaged. converse. noun (1) con·​verse | \ ˈkän-ˌvərs \

How do you use converse in a sentence?

1. She enjoyed the chance to converse with someone who spoke her language. 2. He’s willing to converse with anyone about the quotations on the stock market.

Was Conversate added to the dictionary?

So a bunch of people noted in yesterday’s Ebonics thread that conversate wasn’t a word, because it wasn’t in the Oxford English Dictionary.

What is the sentence of converse?

Can converse mean opposite?

Opposite; reversed in order or relation; reciprocal. A converse proposition. The opposite or reverse.

What is the noun of converse?

Abstract noun of converse is conversation.

What are converse synonyms?

Synonyms of converse

  • chat,
  • colloquy,
  • conversation,
  • dialogue.
  • (also dialog),
  • discourse,
  • discussion,
  • exchange.

Is Conversate incorrect?

Conversate is a nonstandard verb that means “to have a conversation.” The standard verb (and the one you should use if you want to be correct) is converse.

What does converse mean in logic?

converse, in logic, the proposition resulting from an interchange of subject and predicate with each other. Thus, the converse of “No man is a pencil” is “No pencil is a man.” In traditional syllogistics, generally only E (universal negative) and I (particular affirmative) propositions yield a valid converse.

What is the difference between Converse and conversate?

is that converse is (formal|intransitive) to talk; to engage in conversation while conversate is (african american vernacular english) to converse, to have conversation. is familiar discourse; free interchange of thoughts or views; conversation; chat or converse can be the opposite or reverse.

Do you conversate when you have a conversation?

So when we have a conversation, do we conversate? No, I’m afraid not. In the case of a conversation, what we do is converse with each other. ‘Converse’ is a more academic way to say ‘talk together’. Do you make these 10 mistakes?

Is ‘conversate’ a real word?

Is ‘Conversate’ a Real Word? Conversate has the power to upset a great many people, if the hundreds of comments left by users of this dictionary under the word’s entry are any indication. One of the reasons it annoys people is because conversate is a back-formation, a type of word made by removing a portion of an existing word (such as the suffix).

Do you say ‘converse’ as ‘talk together’?

‘Converse’ is a more academic way to say ‘talk together’. Do you make these 10 mistakes? Converse and the Ace Hotel chain will unveil a third style in their collaboration series this Friday (June 14) with the release of the limited-edition Converse x Ace Hotel Pro Leather.