Which high school is the oldest high school in Jamaica?

Which high school is the oldest high school in Jamaica?

The school was established in January 1786, and is the fifth-oldest high school in the country, after Wolmer’s Boys’, one of the Wolmer’s Schools (1729), Manning’s School (1738), St. Jago High School (1744), and Rusea’s High School (1777)….Titchfield High School.

Titchfield High School, Jamaica
Website www.titchfieldhigh.com

Is Ruseas high school a good school?

Rusea’s, as an institution, boasts outstanding achievements in academics as well as an overall fun environment that has produced long-lasting great memories for alumni.

Who is the principal of Rusea’s High School?

Linvern Wright

Rusea’s High School
School code 09044
Principal Linvern Wright
Years offered 7–13
Gender Co-educational

What are the top 10 high schools in Jamaica?

Latest high school ranking Jamaica’s 31 top-performing institutions

  • deCarteret High School (85%)
  • St Hugh’s High School for Girls (84.4%)
  • Morant Bay High (84%)
  • St George’s College (80%)
  • St Jago High (79.13%)
  • Herbert Morrison Technical High School (76%)
  • The Queen’s School for Girls (75.4%)
  • Denbigh High School (74.13%)

Which school is the brightest in Jamaica 2021?

The rankings are based on the performance of schools in obtaining five (5) or more subjects in the most recent CSEC examinations….THE TOP 100 HIGH SCHOOLS IN JAMAICA!

  • Immaculate Conception High 100%
  • Campion College 99.5%
  • St.
  • Hampton high 97.7%
  • Mount Alvernia High 97.66%

Who is the richest kid in Jamaica?

Michael Lee-Chin made a fortune investing in financial companies like National Commercial Bank Jamaica and AIC Limited.

Who owns the biggest house in Jamaica?

It is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica with a panoramic view of the coast. Thought to be one of the country’s most impressive plantation great houses, it had fallen into ruins by the 1960s, but was then restored….Rose Hall, Montego Bay.

Rose Hall Great House
Completed 1770s
Renovated 1960s
Owner Michele and John Rollins