Which are Kikuyu folk songs?

Which are Kikuyu folk songs?


  • v. Muthunguci (pt. 2 A)
  • Nguina ndi na – tha.
  • Nikeruruo.
  • Ni-njugiri-rio.
  • Mwari wa kagoiya.
  • Wambui wa maitu.
  • Muthunguci (pt. 2 B)
  • Cugio ni ahiki.

How many songs did Joseph Kamaru have?

2,000 songs
Upon his death on October 3, the media reported Joseph Kamaru recorded 2,000 songs.

What is Kikuyu music?

Mugithi music is a form of music originated by the Kikuyu people of Kenya but enjoyed by other ethnic groups within Kenya and even some non-Kenyans in countries with a large Kenyan diaspora such as the United Kingdom.

What are the 3 folk songs?

Folk Songs in 3

  • A ho’e.
  • A Virgin Most Pure.
  • A Virgin Unspotted.
  • Ai Di Di Di Dai.
  • Ajde Kato ajde zlato.
  • Albuquerque Turkey.
  • All Me Rock.
  • Alma Llanera.

What is folk song in Kenya?

Track Listing

Audio Player 101 Ivinda ya Mbua – Farm Work Song 3:23
Audio Player 106 Itumbi ya Nyaa – Divorce Song 2:07
Audio Player 201 Nzin’ang’a – Call and Response 3:53
Audio Player 202 Katanga Nduli – Dance Song for the Young 2:11
Audio Player 203 Twakinya ya Masaku – Dance Song for the Old 3:17

Is Joseph Kamaru alive?

October 3, 2018Joseph Kamaru / Date of death

Who is the king of Mugithi?

Salim took over the industry after introducing his unique style, Mugithi, which earned him the title of One-man-guitar. He gave new life to most vernacular and secular and gospel songs by releasing their remix through his unique style, and orientated budding artists struggling to find an entry point into the industry.

Which Kikuyu musician died today?

Gacheru Wamaitu Gacheru’s death was first reported by Kameme FM on Tuesday, March 6. The musician popularly known for his song Mwendwa wakwa marirũ, passed away at the age of 59 while receiving treatment at Kenyatta hospital for an undisclosed disease.