Where is Colin Pascoe now?

Where is Colin Pascoe now?

He is now assistant to Cooper at promotion-chasing Championship outfit Swansea City. But what about Pascoe? More than five and a half years after leaving Liverpool, he hasn’t had another job in football.

Who was Brendan Rodgers assistant manager Liverpool?

Sean O’Driscoll (left) was appointed as Liverpool assistant in July 2015 and just three months later, manager Brendan Rodgers had been axed.

Why did Brendan Rodgers leave Celtic?

Rodgers quit Celtic this week to take charge of manager-less Leicester City, and explained that he ‘understands’ why fans are angry about his decision to walk out on the Scottish Premiership leaders.

Who is Brendan Rodgers wife?

Susan RodgersBrendan Rodgers / Wife (m. 2001–2015)

Was Brendan Rodgers sacked from Celtic?

In February 2019, with Celtic leading the Premiership by eight points, Rodgers departed Celtic, joining English Premier League club Leicester City.

Is Brendan Rodgers a Celtic fan?

In contrast, Rodgers praised Celtic after completing his move to Leicester, saying: “I have been a Celtic supporter all my life and the reason I came to Glasgow was to work for the club I had such love and affection for.

How many languages does Brendan Rodgers speak?

Rodgers speaks Spanish and Italian. His nickname is “Buck Rodgers”, after the comic strip character Buck Rogers. In May 2020, Rodgers said that he and his wife had tested positive for COVID-19 in March the same year after showing symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic – both of them made full recoveries.

Is Brendan Rodgers Catholic or Protestant?

Rodgers was brought up a Catholic. He attended St John’s Catholic Primary School in Carnlough, and then moved on to St Patrick’s College in Ballymena until the age of 16. His mother died in 2010 at the age of 53, and in September 2011 Rodgers was by his father’s side when he died of cancer, aged 59.

Why did Rodgers leave Celtic?

How old is Brendan Rodgers?

49 years (January 26, 1973)Brendan Rodgers / Age

Has Celtic ever had a Protestant manager?

Celtic manager Jock Stein, himself Celtic’s first Protestant manager, once stated that if he was offered a Catholic player and a Protestant player, he would sign the Protestant.

Was Brendan Rodgers sacked at Celtic?