Where does origin get their energy from?

Where does origin get their energy from?

We’re the largest owner of natural gas-fired power stations in Australia. We also produce power from coal, wind, pumped water storage, solar and cogeneration plants.

How much electricity does eraring power produce?

2,922 MW
Eraring at a glance The station comprises four 720 MW coal fired generator units and one 42 MW diesel generator. This gives it an overall generating capacity of 2,922 MW and makes it Australia’s largest power station. It accounts for approximately 25% of New South Wales’ power requirements.

How much coal does eraring power use?

5.2 million tonnes
Eraring Power Station burns 5.2 million tonnes of coal per year, provided by five local mines, and uses salt water from Lake Macquarie for cooling.

How do I contact Origin Energy?

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team We want to help you out. Give us a call on 13 24 61 from 7 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday AEDT, and our customer service team will do their best to sort things out.

Why is Liddell power station closing?

The fundamental reason for its early closure is the brutal impact the growth of renewable energy is having on the profitability of coal plants. Origin has announced it will be building a large, 700 megawatt battery on-site in its place to store renewable energy.

Which state in USA produced the most electricity using hydropower?

Washington has the most conventional hydroelectric generating capacity of any state and is the site of the Grand Coulee Dam, the largest U.S. hydropower facility and the largest U.S. power plant in electric generation capacity.

Where is Eraring Power Station located?

Eraring Power Station, owned by Eraring Energy, is one of two coal fired electricity power stations on the shores of Lake Macquarie, in New South Wales, Australia. It originally had four 660 MW steam driven turbine generators, with a total capacity of 2,640 MW of electricity.

What is the history of Eraring?

Fully commissioned in 1984, Eraring was acquired from the NSW Government by Origin in 2013. It is our only coal fired power station. Under the 5 pillars of our decarbonisation strategy, Origin has committed to a cleaner, smarter energy future. We’ve set targets to reduce our carbon emissions and increase our renewables and storage capacity.

Why is Eraring so important to NSW?

Eraring has supplied power to NSW for over 35 years. Eraring is also one of the most flexible power stations in the National Electricity Market. It’s playing an important role supporting the market’s transition to renewable energy sources, while continuing to provide reliable and affordable energy to our customers.

What’s new at the Eraring Power Station in 2021?

19 August 2021: Origin will be conducting a major maintenance outage on Unit 4 at the Eraring Power Station to ensure the safe, flexible and reliable operations of the power station. 11 June 2021: Nominations are open to fill a vacancy on the Eraring Power Station Ash Dam expansion project Community Consultative Committee (CCC).