Where can I use my EcoCheques?

Where can I use my EcoCheques?

Many amusement and cultural venues accept EcoCheques for admission. This includes the hands-on science centre Technopolis in Mechelen, Antwerp Zoo and Theatre Royal du Parc in Brussels. Most energy-efficient electronics and appliances can be bought with EcoCheques.

What is an EcoCheck?

The EcoCheck™ is an ADAS product, specifically tailored to the often time-constrained and geographically diverse nature of utility works. Whether your project is a pole line installation, an underground cable, substation or pipeline, this trademark service can tell you what you need to know.

How do I pay with EcoCheques?

If you have EcoCheques, you can use them to pay for a wide range of products….Here, you can read how to do this:

  1. Take your EcoCheques to the Coolblue store at a time that suits you.
  2. Order the product of your choice in the store with the store employee.
  3. Pay with EcoCheques and plan a free delivery appointment.

Does Coolblue accept EcoCheques?

Yes, Coolblue accepts EcoCheques and paper Consumption Passes.

What is ticket Ecocheque?

Eco cheques are specifically for purchasing ecologically sustainable products and services. Of course, you can use them at the ticket office to buy a travel ticket (with the exception of season tickets*) for domestic travel.

What are eco vouchers in Belgium?

What are eco vouchers? Eco vouchers can be used to purchase ecological goods and services. Given by employers to employees, eco vouchers benefit from a favourable social security and tax treatment, provided that a number of conditions are met.

Can I pay in installments on Coolblue?

No, Coolblue will remain the legal owner of the device for the duration of the subscription. A subscription won’t allow you to pay in installments.

Can you pay monthly on Coolblue?

How does the monthly payment work? You pay the costs of your subscription in advance each month. This means that every month on the 29th, we automatically debit the subscription fee from your account.

Are eco vouchers mandatory in Belgium?

Eco voucher: compulsory or not? The granting of eco voucher in Belgium must be provided by a Collective or Individual Labour Agreement. This results from a decision from the employer. There is therefore no obligation except in some Joint Committees.

Are meal vouchers taxable in Belgium?

100% exemption from social charges. It is non-taxable.

Can I pay with cash at Coolblue?

Can I pay with cash? Yes, you can pay in cash in our stores.

What is an eco voucher in Belgium?

Quelle est la durée de validité d’un chèque Sodexo?

Sur l’app Sodexo4You, consultez votre solde et recherchez les points d’acceptation proches de vous ! Quelle est la période de validité de mes Eco Pass? Vos chèques Eco Pass sont valables 2 ans, tant pour les Eco Pass au format papier que les Eco Pass au format électronique.

Quels sont les avantages de la Sodexo Card?

Vos Eco Pass sur la Sodexo Card Une carte qui vous permet d’utiliser vos Lunch Pass en toute simplicité et en toute sécurité, pour payer en ligne ou en magasin. Une solution digitale tout-en-un : elle réunit vos Eco Pass, Lunch Pass et Cadeau Pass. Découvrez la Sodexo Card et ses avantages

Quelle est la période de validité de mes chèques Eco Pass?

Quelle est la période de validité de mes Eco Pass? Vos chèques Eco Pass sont valables 2 ans, tant pour les Eco Pass au format papier que les Eco Pass au format électronique. Comment connaître le solde de mes Eco Pass électroniques?

Comment puis-je payer avec mes éco-chèques?

Une nouvelle Sodexo Card et un nouveau code PIN vous seront envoyés par la poste endéans les 10 jours. Je veux payer avec mes éco-chèques, comment faire? Rien de plus simple, mentionnez à la caisse que vous souhaitez utiliser ce moyen de paiement.